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  1. centaur567

    Ju-87 Stuka

    This is the very old Monogram/ Revell kit. Thought I'd build it and have it flying over the KV-1. Gary S. XLV MMXX
  2. centaur567

    KV-1 1/48th scale Bandai

    Ok, here's my entry. It's Bandai's KV-1 and probably by the box top, an early issue run way back in the 70's. One of the first thing that need to be done is the hollowing out of the fender braces. Didn't think I'd ever start this kit and now I have a good reason to. Gary S. XXXXV XX XX
  3. centaur567

    D Troop 3/4 Cav. AH-1G Cobras

    This is my Cobra 67-15567. Some of our Cobras. Gary S. XXXXV XX XX
  4. centaur567

    For my grandson.

    This ones mine. Made from an old TV remote for the Green Goblin. I was motivated by Paulw's post about what he built for his granddaughters and decided to post what I built for my grandson when he was very young. 3 I think, he's 15 now. Gary S. XXXXV XX XX
  5. centaur567

    Night fighters

    Would anybody be interested in a night fighter campaign ? Gary S. XXXXV XX XX
  6. centaur567

    3/4 Cav. armor and 1 Aussie

  7. centaur567

    1/48 scale Panther and Hetzer

    These are 2 kits I made a long time ago. The Panther kit is by Monogram and was offered as a 2 in 1 box with a P-51C. I came with a base and a tree to mount the Mustang on. This was back in the 70's. The also offered a Sherman/ Fw-190 2 in 1 kit. It was built way back in the 80's when the Mets...
  8. centaur567

    1/48th scale Stug III G by Bandai

    And maybe this one too. Gary S. XXXXV XX XX
  9. centaur567

    1/48th scale Panzer II F by Bandai/Fuman

    Here's my entry. Gary S.
  10. centaur567

    1/72nd U-VII crew. (6 figures)

    Here's my entry. Guard with binoculars, 3 figures will be assigned to my E-Boat. The Crew on sentry, the other three will be assigned to U-69 U-Boat. I have been meaning to do these for years. Now I have a good reason to do them...
  11. centaur567

    1/48th SPAD XIII and bust of Eddie Rickenbacker

    This is the basic first step in painting the figure. Painted the uniform in olive drab. The directions color mix was too green. This model build here https://modelersalliance.org/forum/wesendorf-field/154888-spad-xiii-1-48th-scale also. It is by Dragon.
  12. centaur567

    F-4E by Hasegawa

    Included in the box was a True Details/Black Box resin cockpit, which is very detailed with lousy instructions. My exposure to resin has been very limited. Need to cut off the instrument comming. BecarfullI!! Use ahorizontal cut or ulse too much will be removed. thought I would start this kit...
  13. centaur567

    M1A2 1/48th scale by Tamiya

    Here' my entry. Gary S. XXXXV XX XX
  14. centaur567

    Spitfire Mk I 1/48th scale by Tamiya

    This is my entry. Not much this kit needs. Nice detail and nice fit. Going to build it gear up. I placed a magnet under the cockpit in order to not have to drill a hole for the stand. The magnet came from an old hard drive. Thanks for looking!! Gary S. XXXXV XX XX
  15. centaur567

    Testor's Ford GT 40 1/43rd scale

    No build pics. Only took just over a day to build. This car is my ultimate dream car from first learning about them in 1966. I chose this model because it's close to 1/48th scale and has an engine although I had to add the heads and valve covers made from old sprue. My only disappointment was...
  16. centaur567

    SPAD XIII 1/48th scale

    Don't remember if I had posted this before or not. If had I couldn't find it. This is Dragon's 1/48th scale SPAD XIII. Had problems with the fit of some of the cockpit detail, i.e. the oil tank sits to high and tilts the seat. Had to pry out the floor and seat after the fuselage was...
  17. centaur567

    The making of a Viking Warrior in 1/48th scale

    I wanted to add some life and perspective to my Viking ship by making a figure for it. I started with one on Monograms mechanic figures. Didn't like the stance of his legs and replaced them and turned his head. The rest was made with paper and Testor's putty.
  18. centaur567

    Retired!!!! Finally

    After 43 yrs. as a nuclear medicine technologist, I'm now retired as of 10/4/2019. Maybe now I'll have more time to partake on this forum. :oldguy Gary S.
  19. centaur567

    Revell's 1/50th Viking Ship

    I bought this because it is close to 1/48th scale of my other models. The hull and deck are together and painted dark brown. Plan to highlight the wood grain with a lighter brown. For the thing at the top of the mast that lowers the sail I haven't decided if it should be iron or brass. This only...
  20. centaur567

    Monogram's 1/48th AV-8B Harrier

    The fit of this old kit is superb!! Added strips of sheet styrene to smooth out air intake. Yes there is space for aux. inlet air. Cut open gear doors to show detail And its finally painted. Markings will be for VMFA-231 during Desert Storm Gary S.