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  1. Heavens Eagle

    Monogram P-61A-11

    Quite nice as always John! Yeah, you can't beat using a good solid jig when building a complex assembly. That's why I have my aluminum mess that has a huge amount of flexibility when setting things up. I have used it a number of times to hold an assembly together and get everything perfectly...
  2. Heavens Eagle

    AMT International Scout II

    Thanks for the update Greg. Hope you get out of jail or the moaner does, sooner rather than later. Hope you get out of there soonest!
  3. Heavens Eagle

    Do-335 1/48th scale by Tamiya

    They did something similar on the early Ju88's. I have someplace a photo of the cable runs that they used and the cables went back to the tail wheel for part of it. I have two photos of a Ju88 where they were getting ready to load the bombs and there is a pile of cable under the plane, several...
  4. Heavens Eagle

    AMT International Scout II

    Hey Greg, hope the surgery went well and you are home and recovering already.
  5. Heavens Eagle

    1/350 US Coast Guard Reliance class Cutter TLAR Models #723

    I like it Chris! VERY WELL DONE!
  6. Heavens Eagle

    Trumpeter Ju 87A in 1/32 (Resuming the build)

    Well guys, it is time for another update. Been trying to work diligently on this beastie, and if I just go in and do something it makes progress. So here is the update. I am a little further along on it than this, but don't have any photos of those parts yet. It also looks...
  7. Heavens Eagle

    Printing small decals

  8. Heavens Eagle

    AMT International Scout II

    Looks like you are having a blast Greg! Years ago I started the 1/9 scale Kubelwagen kit. Had the opportunity to crawl all over 2 of them that were in a private collection and take a ton of photos. Then I used my 1947 bug for more reference when building the engine. It does make a huge...
  9. Heavens Eagle

    1/350 US Coast Guard Reliance class Cutter TLAR Models #723

    Gee Chris, I wish you tough little guy well.
  10. Heavens Eagle

    USS TEXAS build.

  11. Heavens Eagle

    MMM 2023 - Douglas RB-66B Destroyer (1/72 Italeri)

    @moon puppy Hey Bob we need the MMM24 forum set up so we can start getting ready.
  12. Heavens Eagle


    That's one broke tank!
  13. Heavens Eagle

    Latest aquisition........at our Museum!

    No leaning against the white and blue plane on stilts.
  14. Heavens Eagle

    Dreamboat, one for the conversion junkies.

    I wonder how it flew. That tail turret had to add some weight back there.
  15. Heavens Eagle

    Maddog Manufacturing Open for 2024!

    Excellent job on the pigeon bus Mark!
  16. Heavens Eagle

    Italeri Bugatti 1/12

    Excellent Paddy!
  17. Heavens Eagle

    Do-335 1/48th scale by Tamiya

    Gary you are making me want to pull out one of my HK or ZM 1/32 kits. Really like the build so far.
  18. Heavens Eagle

    Printing small decals

    The only problem you might have with automotive paints is the solvents might not be compatible with the styrene. I have one of the 1/8th Jag kits that was given to me partly assembled. Yeah it is huge and rather soft on details.
  19. Heavens Eagle

    Do-335 1/48th scale by Tamiya

    Hey Gary, in my reference book there was only one small very poor photo of the 114 aircraft from the left side. It was missing the canopies and was in pretty sad shape. The photo shows it wrecked alongside the perimeter hedge. Thus the above color plate is actually the best to work from. Both...