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    Academy B-377

    Looks like a very nice build so far. Apparently rumor has it that the SB is still going to be released by a company called Bobcat models. Not sure if they just changed their name or what. But hopefully we will see it released soon.
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    All Righty ... What's on the bench today?

    Popcorn ceiling texture is a pain to work on. The property management company I work for won't even let us touch them since they might be asbestos based. Luckily my complex is new enough it isn't an issue.
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    1/48 Tamiya Spitfire

    I was being lazy and tried taking pictures with my phone. Apparently the camera is terrible on it Lol.
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    1/48 Tamiya Spitfire

    Thanks guys. It has been nice to get some more bench time in. Helps that Hunter goes to bed at 6 at night and usually sleeps 12 hours solid.
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    1/48 Tamiya Spitfire

    After several months I have finally managed to complete a build. Decided to do something fairly easy. I realized I had never built a Spitfire before. Built her straight from the box with the addition of an old Aeromaster decal set. Painted using Vallejo paints.
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    Photo test

    Thanks Bob. That is easy enough. Trying to get away from photodumpet.
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    Photo test

    Testing to see if I can get imgur mobile to work http://i.imgur.com/LzRRKBk.jpg Guess it can only direct link on the app and not do the bss code or whatever. Just means I have to use my actual camera.
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    1/48 Pro Modeler Ju 52

    Nice job Paul. I've got this same beastie in the stash. Looking forward to what you come up with for the scheme :popcorn
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    Awesome artwork you got there Mike. I still love mine from a few years ago as well.
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    Czech Model 1/32 Brewster F2A-3 Buffalo

    Oh my favorite plane of all time. I will be watching for sure.
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    Happy Birthday Bob :drinks Now go treat yourself to a nice shiny new model kit.
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    That makes you two soulmates :tomato
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    There is an aftermarket set of decals that has the tail painted yellow.
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    Review Build Opinion From You Folks

    I feel like a review build should be just a straight build from the box. Paint doesn't bother me one way or another. But it is nice to see how the stock decals work out. I also don't mind if somebody mentions what aftermarket stuff is available. But I hate when I see a review build where they...
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    CTA III Prize confirmation

    I got mine James. :thumbsup
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    Latest Acquisitions Revisited!

    Latest Acquisitions It's a complete new tooling. Looks like a very nice kit with lots of detail. I honestly don't see how any aftermarket stuff will be needed.
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    Latest Acquisitions Revisited!

    Latest Acquisitions These kits just showed up in the past few days.
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    This beauty just showed up. Looks like an awesome kit.
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    Cancer sucks

    I'm truly sorry James. You and your family are in my thoughts.
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    Just sent it to you James :thumbsup