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  1. moon puppy

    Bf-109 E4/Trop by Tamiya

  2. moon puppy

    Do-335 1/48th scale by Tamiya

    Smooth! :popcorn
  3. moon puppy

    Do-335 1/48th scale by Tamiya

    I've forgot about how the Navy does it, thanks Rich.
  4. moon puppy

    Monogram P-61A-11

    Well done John!
  5. moon puppy

    new hobby room

    Your new room is just big enough for the Gustav, not by much but just! :rotf
  6. moon puppy

    1/350 US Coast Guard Reliance class Cutter TLAR Models #723

    Really sharp Chris! :vgood:
  7. moon puppy

    Point Du Hoc

    Outstanding! :notworthy
  8. moon puppy

    "FNGs" Camp Bearcat, Vietnam 1967

    OK with that hat, definitely shades of Jim Hutton!
  9. moon puppy

    M5A1 Stuart VI "Boar" (1:35 Tamiya)

    If it is it's a daisy!
  10. moon puppy

    Do-335 1/48th scale by Tamiya

    Reviewing some docs this was standard in WW2. I guess I thought Jammers were around for ever! https://hiigroupasia.com/aircraft-bomb-loaders-aerial-munitions-lift-trucks/
  11. moon puppy

    Latest Acquisitions Revisited!

    That would require a fb account. :frantic:
  12. moon puppy

    Comment by 'moon puppy' in album 'my models'

    That's great Keith, you've picked up a lot of techniques on your reboot. Hey join us on the forum. The post there get a lot more attention. you can use the codes to the right to cut and paste your images and do an introduction post. https://modelersalliance.org/forums/introduction-forum.5/
  13. moon puppy

    AMT International Scout II

    Oh man! Best wishes Greg :hummm:
  14. moon puppy

    UH-1M(C), Hobby Boss 1/48

    Well done, nice and grimy. :vgood:
  15. moon puppy

    KP Models' 1/48th Scale SIAI SF-260TP

    It is a bit rough huh?
  16. moon puppy


    Whoa! :vgood:
  17. moon puppy

    PBY Catalina at HARP

    I linked up the discussion tab on that resource.
  18. moon puppy

    Do-335 1/48th scale by Tamiya

    As a former bomb loader I have to say. That's crazy way to load bombs! Probably doing it this way during evaluation.
  19. moon puppy

    1/350 US Coast Guard Reliance class Cutter TLAR Models #723

    That's a new one on me. Nice! And who doesn't like a nicely shaped bottom, I almost threw a wreck the other day admiring one.
  20. moon puppy

    Trumpeter Ju 87A in 1/32 (Resuming the build)

    Looks great Paul :popcorn