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  1. Lownslow

    Canopy colors

    You guys are rubbing off on me. I’ve started a 1/72 F6F-5N Hellcat by Dragon. I assume the inside of the canopy frame is interior color. can I get this effect by painting the interior color first and then the outside color over it? Also I’m using bare metal foil as a mask. Has anyone else used...
  2. Lownslow

    Stude SNAFU

    Here’s what you get when a car guy hangs out with military guys. I started this along time ago with the idea of a Viper engine in a lakes car but my interest waned and it sat in its box for several years unfinished. Then during a club conversation about the WWII auto industry building planes and...
  3. Lownslow

    Rommel Rod

    This kit has been built and built till all the freshness has been worn off so I decided to move it a new direction. The basic premise is what would Erwin’s shop truck look like if he had a sideline in customs and rods. To lower the stance frame was z-d in front and a equal amount removed for the...
  4. Lownslow

    Bobbed R75

    This is my latest effort. It’s the 1/9 scale of the WWII BMW R75 motorcycle. It was given to me started but with a few parts missing. Rather than follow the box art rendition I put my own spin on it. To disassemble I used the freeze method with fair success. Figuring there would be some breakage...
  5. Lownslow


    I’m a member of the Des Moines IPMS Plastic Surgeons club and met Bob W at a resent virtual club meeting. I primarily build car stuff and just can’t leave em stock. I do get influenced by the military members and that leads to stretches of imagination.