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  1. moon puppy


    Sweet metal job! :notworthy
  2. moon puppy

    1/700 Yazoo River Dogfight Duo. USS Carondelet vs. CSS Arkansas, 1862

    What's the Squirrel for, distraction?
  3. moon puppy

    Meng Ford GT40 Mk.II '66

    Looks feasible. Making it out of wire sure will make it more durable. :popcorn
  4. moon puppy

    The Ferrari of the skies - Macchi Mc.202 in 1/72

    Super work Doc!
  5. moon puppy

    1/48 Lockheed CP-140 Aurora

    Loving it!
  6. moon puppy

    Bob Letterman, Master of the Large Diorama: His Unfinished Masterpiece

    The video is back in the editing room. Stand by.
  7. moon puppy

    The Lone Ranger bust

    I can hell Bill Tell crankin' it up right now! :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  8. moon puppy

    Minicraft 1/48 T-34

    Interesting with the blue base. :popcorn
  9. moon puppy

    Well, this is happening...

    Wonderful! So glad his classmates treat him so well. Love this! Give Ian our best. :mpup
  10. moon puppy

    PBR in the Brown Water Navy

    I wish I had photos of the B58 hustler cockpit that I sent back.
  11. moon puppy

    John's Tamiya F4D-1

    Just love that shape. Reminds me of the old says with all those Lexington Class carriers with all the different aircraft on board. That was one shape I recall vividly.
  12. moon puppy

    1915 Romfell armoured car.

    That looks like a freakin Schwarzlose! :silly: Don't think I've heard the term before Tim. Got me googling before I even have my coffee.
  13. moon puppy

    PBR in the Brown Water Navy

    I vote add the thing. I mean where else you see a freakin' mortar on a swivel mount and aim it like a rifle?
  14. moon puppy

    Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 3, 1941

  15. moon puppy

    1/700 USS Potomac. FDR's floating White House.

    Wow, check out those dinky choppers! :notworthy
  16. moon puppy

    Revell's 1/48th AH-64A Apache

    Looks good Gary. :popcorn
  17. moon puppy

    F35 paint

    Yeah but if you soaked a model with WD40 the judges are going to slam it!
  18. moon puppy

    GWH SU27 UBM 1:48

    Very smooth!
  19. moon puppy

    GWH SU27 UBM 1:48

    The nice ladder will be a good touch. :popcorn
  20. moon puppy

    1/700 USS Potomac. FDR's floating White House.