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  1. Brokeneagle

    Charlie Still Don't Surf AH-1G Early

    Looks great...love it :vgood:
  2. Brokeneagle

    Got a new newsletter from Plastic Model Store

    Thanks James (y)
  3. Brokeneagle

    A-36 Apache 1/48th scale

    Nice! :good:
  4. Brokeneagle

    1/48 Tamiya A6M2-N Rufe

    Welcome Eric, nice build :) (y)
  5. Brokeneagle

    1/48 ARII/Otaki F6F Hellcat

    Another great build with just the right amount of dirt. :dude: :vgood:
  6. Brokeneagle

    1/48 ARII/Otaki Ki-44 Shoki

    very nice, the weathering is great and well balanced with a nearly clean finish.:vgood:
  7. Brokeneagle

    'UPGUNNED' STUG 3C PRUSSIA 1945 1/35 update 15 Aug. build photos added!

    Thanks James.......stay tuned for the figures !
  8. Brokeneagle


    push through it Mr T, make it another gem :popcorn
  9. Brokeneagle

    'UPGUNNED' STUG 3C PRUSSIA 1945 1/35 update 15 Aug. build photos added!

    Thanks MP, this goes through a transformation at this point with the initial ground work providing a good texture and color base. This was the tank during the build with a lot of X-kitting and a bit of scratch building. So I have now basically completed the tank and base but still need...
  10. Brokeneagle

    'UPGUNNED' STUG 3C PRUSSIA 1945 1/35 update 15 Aug. build photos added!

    This little dio started as just a cross-kit of a number of early Dragon Stug 3 kits that had turned into spare left overs but enough to mix'n graft into an early Stug 3C in East Prussia in about March 1945. It was loosely based on the photo below, which is quite well known, Dragon basing a later...
  11. Brokeneagle

    Modeling Black Holes and absolute Frustration

    I feel the pain James....this happened to me this week and last week on various small parts but I found them the next day in places 'miles away' from where they jumped. Have a look tomorrow at the edges of your area where you thought they could go and you will probably find them. :hmm:
  12. Brokeneagle

    Show me your work bench

    Well I reconfigured my hobby room completely in 2017 but still had my art work in there sharing benches with the models, which didn't work for me as I was concerned using the airbrush around all the digital painting stuff...... my printer was also taking up space. 2017-2020 So in 2020 during...
  13. Brokeneagle

    Modelling AFV Club Armour

    Thanks Ken, looks good.:good:
  14. Brokeneagle

    Meng Jeep with blackdog SAS set

    Your jeep looks fabulous MP. I love your yellow with the darker areas - beautiful......spot on effects. :tens:
  15. Brokeneagle

    Meng Jeep with blackdog SAS set

    clear acrylic base wood glue works perfectly to seal the base before the ground work or after before you start painting....been using it for 45 years without an issue -cheap too.
  16. Brokeneagle

    Military Bulldozer X3

    Wow , this one is long in the tooth! Good to see its back. :popcorn (y)
  17. Brokeneagle

    RPM T-60 for Tankers Tangle 2