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  1. errains

    StuG V - The Hound Killer

    Thanks Guys for Stopping In!! Didn't get as far as I was hoping but I did get started so I guess that a win. I was going to doing something a little different with the road wheels but it not working out. Anywho...here is what I got done this weekend. Thanks to Iron Mike for supplying...
  2. errains

    The Tenth Crusade... Germany Responds

    KOOL!! :vgood: Vary interesting for sure. I've seen this product line and they do got some really "interesting"...I may have to revisit them :hmm:
  3. errains

    Happy 4th of July 2020!

    Well I'm at the bench today, no surprise there, while the wife gets caught t up on some grading. We'll be grilling up some stakes later and setting out on the back deck watching the local fireworks. :Drinks:
  4. errains

    Meng Jeep with blackdog SAS set

    Looking awesome there MP! With this kind of subject most anything goes so however you can get them spares on is good. Random Color Variations = More Visual Interest! :victory:
  5. errains

    All Righty ... What's on the bench today?

    Been working on getting a few bases lined-up for my next few projects... Now I don't have to pause at the end of a build to get these ready. :victory:
  6. errains

    StuG V - The Hound Killer

    Ok so since I sort of jumped the gun before here is a new "Start Up" photo to show I didn't continue to work oh the Hound Killer. More to come soon! :victory:
  7. errains

    Bv 222 Seenotdienst - Build # 2

    Great Start!!! :popcorn
  8. errains


    ...and they say drybrushing is dead...I say it a lost art! Awesomeness!! :good: :good: :victory:
  9. errains

    The Tenth Crusade... The Vatican is attacked

    Excellent start Saul!! :popcorn
  10. errains

    Highway of death

    ah how did I not see this before :bm: ....Nicely Done!!! :vgood:
  11. errains

    der Spatzfalke! The operational Ho-229

    Kool!...Very Kool!! and in 32nd no less :popcorn
  12. errains

    Meng Jeep with blackdog SAS set

    Koolieo!! :dude: It looks like your having some much needed fun with this little build! It will take a little getting use to painting everything onboard, just take your time is all you need to do. :victory:
  13. errains

    Alvis FV601C Saladin Mk. 2

    So how is this Kit? the Black Label has a BAD rep for being horrible kits. However your doing a great job thus far! :victory:
  14. errains

    Sherman M74 TRV

    That legend kit actually look rather nice and great job on the tracks...Please Continue! :popcorn
  15. errains


    Sweet!! :dude:
  16. errains

    Meng Jeep with blackdog SAS set

    The Jeepster is coming along great. Hope it's proving to be a nice easy build after the Eindecker The oyster truck in kool too!
  17. errains

    Churchill 3in Gun Carrier - AFV CLub - 1/35 Scale

    Thanks Dudes! No finders Gary as it will mess up the looking I'm going for, more on that later :victory:
  18. errains

    Churchill 3in Gun Carrier - AFV CLub - 1/35 Scale

    Wrapped up the building phase on the ol Churchill, and in a record time for me. It always has taken 4-6 months to build up a kit but not this time. It actually went together rather quickly and effortlessly...So off to the paint shed she goes. Thanks for stopping in for a looky :victory:
  19. errains

    KV-1 1/48th scale Bandai

    Starting to Take Shape! Your doing an excellent job with that old Bandi Kit. :vgood:
  20. errains

    Takom Tiger 2 Repair Dio

    Looks like about a company worth of personnel! That should keep you busy for a couple of days... :coolio2: