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  1. moon puppy

    Happy 4th of July 2020!

    https://www.history.com/topics/holidays/july-4th Our local parks and recreation use to have big events at all their locations. Greased pole climbing, greasy pig chase (don't know what the thing was about the grease) pie and watermelon eating contest, cookout, swim meet, softball games, just all...
  2. moon puppy

    Go Big or Go Home

    Thinkin' about my mulligan for this. I got till Nov right? I got a project I've been collecting stuff for, had one started and the paint crazed on me. Think I'll get a startup photo later today after chores.
  3. moon puppy

    D-Day 2020

  4. moon puppy

    Meng Jeep with blackdog SAS set

    Press on.. :soldier
  5. moon puppy

    M3 Lee

    Lullubelle Lee (Bobby Lee's niece with questionable parentage ) I have a link, or have had it. Great reference photos to the Lee that was used in the movie Sahara. Yes this is my second attempt. :soldier This is the link to the study of the tank, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...
  6. moon puppy

    Mr Surfacer

    Use to be we used Mr. Surfacer on everything, I used some 500 last night on the Eindecker and thought I haven't heard it's name mentioned in a while. Granted my bottle was nearly dried up, I had to add some thinner to it to reactivate it again. You guys still using it?
  7. moon puppy

    Trigger Time 101st Airborne

    moon puppy submitted a new resource: Trigger Time 101st Airborne - War stories and references for the 101st Airborne Read more about this resource...
  8. moon puppy

    The Gallery is now open!

    That's right gang, the long suffering gallery is open for business. Our developer Ken had a lot of work to migrate the 125,000 images into the new system, 10 years and over 45gigs of images. As you can imagine there are some broken and corrupt images and albums. If you find one of your Albums...
  9. moon puppy

    Welcome to the new Modelers' Alliance

    moon puppy submitted a new resource: Welcome to the new Modelers' Alliance - Mobile App Read more about this resource...
  10. moon puppy

    Start Conversations

    We do not have the old Private Messaging system like we did on the old site. Now it's called "Conversations". You can find it in several locations on the forum how to initiate a Conversation IF the user has it allowed on their profile. Under "Your Account" and "Privacy"...
  11. moon puppy

    Social Media Test

    You folks with social media give the share links a try. Not sure they even work at this point.
  12. moon puppy

    New Header

    New website needs new artwork I want to thank Ian Hill for creating our new Header!! Soon as I get the Not Worthy smily working again you'll get a bunch!!
  13. moon puppy

    Broken and Requested Smilies-Some Old Smilies Added

    Hi, please post any broken smilies you find. So far I've fixed :thumbsup and :D I know I have to fix :drthumbs and :mpup (in that order...) Check it out, if you type : and a couple of letters a list of smilies are generated. Pretty cool huh?
  14. moon puppy

    Welcome to the new Modelers Alliance

    Welcome aboard all. I see some have gotten their password reset and already posting. Email will be going out once migration is complete. Have patience. We'll use this thread to discuss new features and report any issues.
  15. moon puppy

    Finemolds 1/72 Bf 109

    I'm in, almost late but this sweet little build is falling into place. Hate tip to Barney for giving me this kit, hope I do it justice. :mpup Start photo Now what's really neat about this kit, the camo, mottle and stuff are all on decals. :Hiay Looks like I only have to paint...
  16. moon puppy

    The ETO Battlewagon-M4A3E8(76)-Dragon 1/35th

  17. moon puppy

    Rattling the Tip Jar once again

    It's been a long time since we did this but i'm asking for donations. Why? Well you may know that our forum software is way out of date and it's being left behind in technology. Ease of use, mobile access and all sorts of new things have happened to forums since we built this website 10 years...
  18. moon puppy

    Boyington's Last Interview

    Old interview from but it's very interesting. https://www.historynet.com/pappy-boyington-interview-with-the-us-world-war-ii-ace.htm
  19. moon puppy

    Moon Puppy in Texas

    I've been trying to get around to uploading these for a while, had a time today. Had a job to do in Texas, first time I've been there since basic training in '82 and I wouldn't really call that a visit. Here's the job we did, should have seen the before shot, I didn't get one. Regular rats...
  20. moon puppy

    Merry Christmas 2019

    Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have joyous holiday and Santa brings you all the sprue you can handle. I'm working on a deal regarding the website that should bring us some excitement next year so stay tuned. :woohoo: :mpup