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  1. Heavens Eagle

    der Spatzfalke! The operational Ho-229

    Continuing on with my German aircraft builds, here is the back story. Shortly after the start of WWII during the air battles for Britain, Das Fuhrer suffered a fatal heart attack while throwing an apoplexic fit over the poor results. With Hermann Goering now leading Germany and the Nazi party...
  2. Heavens Eagle

    For Grins and Giggles, are you tired of the cloth masks?

    Ran across this one in looking around.
  3. Heavens Eagle

    Eduard 1/32 Bf 108 Taifun box review

    HISTORY In 1934, the company that would later become Messerschmitt A.G., designed the Bf108. The original design was a two seat plane built for the German team taking part in the 1934 Internation Air Race Challenge. Even though the German team only came in at fifth place the RLM ordered 32...
  4. Heavens Eagle

    Tool Time - The most expensive brushes in the world

    I ran across this short video on the manufacture of Kolinsky Sable Brushes (in England) and found it quite fascinating.
  5. Heavens Eagle

    Franz von Werra's Bf109 E4

    As I am on a WWII German theme and have a number of these kits and several conversions to go with them, it is time to build one up out of the box, or close to it. Otherwise this is going to be a plain plane just to look over the kit and how it builds. (I have 10 more with 3 conversions) It...
  6. Heavens Eagle

    A Shelf Queen - TriMaster Fw-190 A8 R11 Night Fighter - Finished

    This is a build I started shortly after getting interested and back into modeling. It was a kit that had been in my stash since the late 80's It is a true TriMaster kit Not the later Dragon repop. This build was started for a night fighter group build on the Fine Scale Modeler forum. I was...
  7. Heavens Eagle

    Tool Time - Possible reasons for rotated pics

    Just got to thinking and have noticed some things about my Note 10+ when it takes photos (also my older Note 4)
  8. Heavens Eagle

    MMM-2020 Do335 B-6 Nightfighter

    OK, I just couldn't bring myself to work on the Ju-52. I also have been needing to clean up my guest bedroom where the stash is located. I had something like 50 kits sitting on the twin bed in there. (no way someone could sleep on it) and had a bunch of stuff stacked all around. I knew there...
  9. Heavens Eagle

    Wingnut Wings NEW kit in development 2-22-20

    This kit hasn't been announced yet as far as I know. WNW is working on a new WWI fighter that should be an interesting build. It is a bi-plane without rigging between the wings. Here are some pics from their site.
  10. Heavens Eagle

    Tamiya P-38F build

    I have been having build mojo depression the last few months. Since I had not felt like building any models, other things have been finished up. The vac table and a few other little projects have been successfully finished (YAY!) So when I attended the Nationals and won an opportunity to buy...
  11. Heavens Eagle

    More new Wingnut Wings RE-releases 11-5-19

    Just got some new word from Wingnut Wings that they are releasing (re-releasing?) several Albatros D.V and D.Va kits. These are all being called "Limited Edition" kits. 32901 - 1/32 Albatros D.V “Jasta 18” 32902 - 1/32 Albatros D.V “The Bavarians” 32903 - 1/32 Albatros D.V "Wooden...
  12. Heavens Eagle

    Meng Fine and Flat tip Tweezers

  13. Heavens Eagle

    Review New (not yet released) 1/48 Tamiya P-38 F/G

    Guys here is a scoop from the nationals! With registration we each got 1 chance to buy the "NEW NOT YET RELEASED" P-38 F/G kit from Tamiya! I got lucky and my number was picked today and I was able to pick up the "white box" kit for $50. (yeah still had to pay for it) I think Tamiya donated...
  14. Heavens Eagle

    Submitted Meng Fine and Flat tip Tweezers

    Being a watchmaker, I handle fine tweezers for hours a day 5 or more days a week. Then there is the modeling side which takes the same tools and puts them to other sometimes more challenging tasks. When I saw that Sprue Brothers had some new tweezers made by Meng it was time to step up and...
  15. Heavens Eagle

    All photos from Chattanooga posted.

    While not confirmed as yet and probably will be staying in one of the Motel 6 places a ways off, I am planning on going. As I only live a little over 300 miles from there it is an easy drive to get there. So, anyone else going?
  16. Heavens Eagle

    Here is the scoop on the Knoxville show.

    I am planning on leaving Memphis in the weeee hours on Saturday morning to get there in the AM. Would love to meet up with someone from MA while there.
  17. Heavens Eagle

    Abandoned SdKfz 222

    This has been sitting fallow on my bench for several months. I just realized it is perfect for the "DAK with Doc" as it is a true Afrika Corp vehicle. A little while back I picked up the Hobby Boss 222 vehicle and found it fairly amazing how close my rework is to what they have in that kit...
  18. Heavens Eagle

    A solution for the "Red Error Box" when uploading

    A while back I ran into the red box of death when trying to upload to an album. By accident I figured out this work around. It is quite simple but has to be done each session. I use Google Chrome for my browser. I am not sure what happens in other browsers but this is the solution in the...
  19. Heavens Eagle

    Am off to Lititz PA, Feb 23 for 2 weeks

    I am off to Lititz PA for 2 weeks. I am going for some watch training on some newer Rolex movements as well as polishing. As I am driving, I might take "something" simple to work on, but not sure what at this time. Build and no paint, and small, maybe. We shall see Weather permitting I am...
  20. Heavens Eagle

    Restored XP-82 first flight

    I ran across this plane being restored a little over a year ago. They made a lot of progress this last year. Here it is taking it's first flight in over 40 years. This is the first prototype which made a hard landing and was obtained and stored away up until about 10 years ago. I loved the...