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  1. bob letterman

    The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid!

    bob letterman submitted a new resource: The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid! - An excerpt from, a Bill Bryson book Read more about this resource...
  2. bob letterman

    Just Curious

    I turned 79 today. I'm wondering if there are any other members as old or older than me??? Just curious who the oldest member is? Bob Letterman
  3. bob letterman

    A new weekly video on Facebook from a great model maker!

    Jef Verswyvel has been a close personal friend of mine and Susan's for many, many years. Jef is a Belgian immigrant and has been a U.S. citizen for about 10 years now! You may know him as the spokesman for Squadron Mail Order and as their chief modeler for several years. Prior to that he owned...
  4. bob letterman

    Some work from Bill Chilstrom

    Bill is a longtime friend of mine. He worked for me as a sculptor for many years at VLS. A fantastic professional figure sculptor, one of the best in the business. He's mostly retired now, but still builds models and sculpts figures for his own dioramas. Here are three photos from one he sent me...
  5. bob letterman

    John Bowrey

  6. bob letterman

    A full scale Airfix Spitfire kit with sprue.

    This is actually pretty cool. It has commercial breaks three times, but worth it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he0xQ9TYuQ8 Bob
  7. bob letterman

    John Bowrey

    A long time modelers alliance member, John Bowrey, has been ill with several illnesses over the last two years. Today, his son, Gary, called me and told me that John was just diagnosed with three cancers, one of them in his lungs and that was terminal. They haven't given the family a length...
  8. bob letterman

    For modelers!

  9. bob letterman

    The Wisdom of Spock!

  10. bob letterman

    This one is about Modeling!

    I have seen a dozen or more clips using this movie footage of Hitler screaming at his generals, but, this is the first one about him upset over a Dragon Tiger kit! I'm not up on a lot of these Internet jokes, I hope this one isn't old and everybody has seen it? If not, well worth watching...
  11. bob letterman

    Holy Cow Dude! I'm Batman.

    As some of you know, I am a Doberman Pinscher fan. I've had five of them so far. I emailed this to Moon Pup and he suggested I post it on here. Holy Cow Dude, I’m actually Batman!!!!!! Dancer learns her real identity and has taken on a whole new personality! Bob
  12. bob letterman

    One of our own just had a heart attack!

    Alex De Leon just had a heart attack. He is in a hospital in San Antonio, Texas. He's been in the Intensive Care unit for four days as of today. Alex posted on Facebook that he is not out of the woods yet, but he is still with us.. He posted: Heart attack, blood clots and blood thinner...
  13. bob letterman

    Anybody remember Combat?

    David Harper, who passed away back in 2010, gave me this. No idea where he got it, I've never seen it anywhere other than this one, but, it's a great likeness of Vic Morrow, Sgt. Saunders from the 1960s TV series, "Combat". I would guess it to be about 1/4th scale. It's about 10 inches tall...
  14. bob letterman

    The Four Horsemen. A History. 1978 to 2019

    I recently wrote this brief history, (It covers a forty one year period from 1978 to 2019). It describes my side of how the four of us came together. The days of the Four Horsemen The Four Horsemen was a term used by some of the guys back in the day to describe the four of us: Shep Paine...
  15. bob letterman

    Lewis Pruneau's Remagan Bridge shadowbox.

    I was searching through my photo files for a friend and came across a shadowbox Lewis Pruneau built about 15 years ago. He brought it to Mastercon for display and I loved it! Back in 1985, I took Lewis to Europe and his want list included the Bridge at Remagen. Of course, it is no longer there...
  16. bob letterman

    Memory Lane

    It seems I am always digitalizing photos from our collection of 50 photo albums or our boxes of loose photos in the garage as my daughter Gail likes to see them. This morning I found a photo that I had all but forgotten. It was taken in 1972. I had been building models then for 27 years and I...
  17. bob letterman

    So, you think you can sculpt?

    Guys, my wife found this on the Internet. It is by Jordu Schell, an artist who works in Hollywood. I am familiar with his work, He does a lot of monsters and did a Morgan Freeman and a Michael Jackson that were killer. But this, this is absolutely incredible. Talk about nailing Alec Guinness...
  18. bob letterman

    Would you look who is painting figures!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I never knew this, did you?
  19. bob letterman

    A New website, (At least to me.

    My wife found this on Facebook tonight. I never heard of it but, it lists the top 170 diorama builders in the world. (I didn't know there were that many!) Some real;ly incredible stuff from all over the world! This link is to American diorama builders only, but you can navigate all over the...
  20. bob letterman

    A Local Comiccon.

    We went to a local comic con in Springfield, Mo yesterday. Had a great time. My daughter Gail with Batman and Cat Woman. Bob