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  1. Heavens Eagle

    Building a model from a single piece of paper

    Origami of course. There was an article on one of the news subscriptions I am on and it was fascinating to watch. Hope you like it. And the process....... Just listening to the music is worth the time, but I never knew what was involved with doing something like this. Enjoy.
  2. Heavens Eagle


    I was going through some ancient emails from an old friend that passed away several years ago and ran across this. Thought you would enjoy this. THE LONGEST FLIGHT IN HISTORY... IN A Cessna-172 By Barry Meek Last summer on a contract job, I flew an average of about five hours a day. There were...
  3. Heavens Eagle

    Signing off for a week or two

    Not completely, but the desktop is getting shut down and taken to another room so they can do my bedroom floor (hopefully this week). While I have access with my tablet, it is marginal these days at best. So off to get the computer and corner hutch torn down and moved out.
  4. Heavens Eagle

    Ended up with the CCP virus part III.

    A week ago started having some aches and back pain along with mild headache. Some sinus and slight cough going along with it. Stayed home last Thursday and went and got a CCP test and a flu test. Both were negative at the time. (goes to show the tests are not all that great either) Over the...
  5. Heavens Eagle

    USPS Lied on the tracking.

    OK folks, here is a lesson for everyone about our wonderful inept moronic US Postal Service. One of the folks on here contacted me about a figure that is now out of production. All that is good and it was shipped priority mail to where I work. The business hours as posted are 9:30 to 5:30...
  6. Heavens Eagle

    I am dealing with a wet disaster.

    Was doing some laundry Monday night put a first load in the dryer and started a second load. Started a timer since the dryer no longer will shut itself off and went into my front room to look at stuff on the computer. Forty Five minutes later the timer went off and I came out to find water...
  7. Heavens Eagle

    A new Badger Sotar 20/20 airbrush and getting it up to snuff.

    Heavens Eagle submitted a new resource: A new Badger Sotar 20/20 airbrush and getting it up to snuff. - blueprint your airbrush Read more about this resource...
  8. Heavens Eagle

    Heading off to Wonderfest in Louisville KY this weekend.

    It's a 5 hour drive, but well worth it if you are in to figures and sci-fi. As I am a bit tight on vacation this year I passed on getting a room for the night and also decided to save the $130 for a room and use it on something I will be wanting. I figure Badger airbrushes will be there...
  9. Heavens Eagle

    Panzerkampfwagen I ausf F

    As I told James when he jumped on the new panzer III J, I have a number of interesting kits to do for this. Here is the one I chose. A panzer 1 that was designed and ended up being used at the battle of Kursk. There were 30 built and from what I can tell 3 still exist. One is at Kublinka and...
  10. Heavens Eagle

    P-47D - Finished

    Here is my choice for this year's MMM. Out of my stash a Tamiya P-47D. Straight out of the box. (yeah right, but I will try) No aftermarket stuff for this one. Here are the start photos as a place holder. As I have been doing a fair amount of work with Alclad lately, I thought it would...
  11. Heavens Eagle

    Darth Vader has passed away at 85

    Dave Prowse, who filled the costume of the infamous Darth Vader in the first 3 Star Wars films has passed away at 85. RIP Dave, you were right we will always remember the bad guy and you along with him.
  12. Heavens Eagle

    der Spatzfalke! The operational Ho-229

    Continuing on with my German aircraft builds, here is the back story. Shortly after the start of WWII during the air battles for Britain, Das Fuhrer suffered a fatal heart attack while throwing an apoplexic fit over the poor results. With Hermann Goering now leading Germany and the Nazi party...
  13. Heavens Eagle

    For Grins and Giggles, are you tired of the cloth masks?

    Ran across this one in looking around.
  14. Heavens Eagle

    Eduard 1/32 Bf 108 Taifun box review

    HISTORY In 1934, the company that would later become Messerschmitt A.G., designed the Bf108. The original design was a two seat plane built for the German team taking part in the 1934 Internation Air Race Challenge. Even though the German team only came in at fifth place the RLM ordered 32...
  15. Heavens Eagle

    Tool Time - The most expensive brushes in the world

    I ran across this short video on the manufacture of Kolinsky Sable Brushes (in England) and found it quite fascinating.
  16. Heavens Eagle

    Franz von Werra's Bf109 E4

    As I am on a WWII German theme and have a number of these kits and several conversions to go with them, it is time to build one up out of the box, or close to it. Otherwise this is going to be a plain plane just to look over the kit and how it builds. (I have 10 more with 3 conversions) It...
  17. Heavens Eagle

    A Shelf Queen - TriMaster Fw-190 A8 R11 Night Fighter - Finished

    This is a build I started shortly after getting interested and back into modeling. It was a kit that had been in my stash since the late 80's It is a true TriMaster kit Not the later Dragon repop. This build was started for a night fighter group build on the Fine Scale Modeler forum. I was...
  18. Heavens Eagle

    Tool Time - Possible reasons for rotated pics

    Just got to thinking and have noticed some things about my Note 10+ when it takes photos (also my older Note 4)
  19. Heavens Eagle

    MMM-2020 Do335 B-6 Nightfighter

    OK, I just couldn't bring myself to work on the Ju-52. I also have been needing to clean up my guest bedroom where the stash is located. I had something like 50 kits sitting on the twin bed in there. (no way someone could sleep on it) and had a bunch of stuff stacked all around. I knew there...
  20. Heavens Eagle

    Wingnut Wings NEW kit in development 2-22-20

    This kit hasn't been announced yet as far as I know. WNW is working on a new WWI fighter that should be an interesting build. It is a bi-plane without rigging between the wings. Here are some pics from their site.