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  1. moon puppy

    3D printing more trials

    Looks pretty sharp James. :vgood:
  2. moon puppy

    Lancia Stratos WIP

    Wow love it! Really nice job Rob :tens:
  3. moon puppy

    Bismarck - Doing the Sea

    Shaping up nicely! :capsmiley:
  4. moon puppy

    Pz III Ausf J Leaping Horsemen in Stalingrad

    Git'er done James! :vgood:
  5. moon puppy

    Mad City Modelers IPMS Model Show 2021

    I bet these shows are going to be great, everyone itching to get out.
  6. moon puppy

    2021 South Carolina Scale Model Mega Show

    I'm still interested in a table Mike, although I don't think we'd be exhibiting anything and I don't have any banners. I know Eric wants to enter a couple of subjects. I might but it sure won't be new things. Whadda think guys, or maybe we just hang out like the rest of the folks.
  7. moon puppy

    Happy 80th Birthday, Poppinator!

    Nothing to be embarrassed about, not many back then could rock that look. :cool:
  8. moon puppy

    1/48 Tamiya F4U

    Love it! Did you put the motor in it? :rotf
  9. moon puppy

    Logistics, The armor Updated May12, 2021.

    And every book that mentions him! :rotf
  10. moon puppy

    Airfix 1/12 Bentley blower

    Nice job!
  11. moon puppy

    Container Trailer

  12. moon puppy

    The British American - 1/48 Mustang Mk.1A

  13. moon puppy

    Panzerkampfwagen I ausf F

    Nice job and great fix on the fender. :vgood:
  14. moon puppy

    Logistics, The armor Updated May12, 2021.

    Those guys better put their helmets on before they get up to ol' Blood And Guts or they will get fined! :tens: :tens:
  15. moon puppy

    3D printing more trials

    This is good stuff y'all. :popcorn
  16. moon puppy

    Thoughts on using a coffee mug warmer for decal water bowl?

    No today, temps down in the 40s for some reason. I did some decals on the Comet last night, put the water in my metal bowl and hit the torch to it. heated up nicely and the decal slid on with no issues. Pictures later.
  17. moon puppy

    Airfix 1/12 Bentley blower

    I'm sure you know progressive sanding to polishing. I've never tried to do what you're looking at doing so not much help. I do wonder if clear resin replacement would be better?
  18. moon puppy

    Hi and Help

    Welcome aboard, why don't ya show off what you've built? :popcorn
  19. moon puppy

    Airfix 1/12 Bentley blower

    Nice job, be careful with that stuff! :popcorn