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  1. moon puppy

    F-4E by Hasegawa

    Kickin' the can man!
  2. moon puppy

    D9R - Major Overhaul diorama -Stage 2

    Then maybe some other component, the bucket or one of the lift arms?
  3. moon puppy

    Maddog Manufacturing 2020 Production

    "Take me drunk I'm home"?
  4. moon puppy

    D9R - Major Overhaul diorama -Stage 2

    How about putting something on the hook and give it actual tension? Maybe have the cab still attached? Amazing work Charles. Maybe some more grime around the bases of the beams, those things catches years of stuff built up.
  5. moon puppy

    Maddog Manufacturing 2020 Production

    Do tell! I saw one years ago on the ramp at GSP, probably delivering stuff to the BMW plant just across the road.
  6. moon puppy

    "Stand Down Shenanigans" Camp Bearcat, RVN 1967

    That dang Black Label will make you do some stupid stuff, or so I've heard.... 🍻
  7. moon puppy

    Luftwaffe RG 51 RF-4E Phantom II (1/72 Fujimi)

    BAMN! :popcorn
  8. moon puppy

    A load of Trek stuff question.

    I don't know much about them either but you have a generous friend!
  9. moon puppy

    US Inf 1846

    Very interesting. :notworthy
  10. moon puppy

    Der Rote Kampfflieger

    I have no idea what that means.
  11. moon puppy

    Der Rote Kampfflieger

    Thanks guys. Dad What's New will show you everything that's new on the website. new Media, Resources, reviews and forum post. https://modelersalliance.org/whats-new/
  12. moon puppy

    Der Rote Kampfflieger

    Question, Does anything in this say it's NOT 1917? I don't want some jackleg coming around and saying "Those are 88mm ammo crates"...(which they are but shhh).
  13. moon puppy

    POP! goes the Weisel!!!

    And it came out of a shipping container!
  14. moon puppy


    Wooo, looking forward to this Chris :popcorn
  15. moon puppy


    Absolutely delicious! Luiz how thick are those panels?
  16. moon puppy

    POP! goes the Weisel!!!

    Rheinmetall Mk 20. Found that via google. Not finding anything about the dual feed, strange. Looking good :popcorn
  17. moon puppy

    All Righty ... What's on the bench today?

    Now that's a nice view! You can watch the critter's scamperin' around while you're modeling.
  18. moon puppy

    Eindecker IV

    Never worked a seam like this in my life. Might be part of my problem! Still had a shadow back in the back. Finally wised up and took my #11 and started planing it down. Still had some inperfections but I think my last layer primer will work and i'll have some paint on it soon.
  19. moon puppy

    Latest Acquisitions Revisited!

    Month? that would last me a year...or more. :rotf