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Search results

  1. moon puppy

    1/700 Confederate Raiders CSS Alabama, CSS Florida

    :blink Nice! Looking good Chris, dig the effects. :vgood:
  2. moon puppy

    Academy Panzer III

    Nice job Mike. :soldier
  3. moon puppy

    1969 Daytona Charger - Marty Robins

    Looks fast! :popcorn
  4. moon puppy

    1947 Mexico

    Showing off progress! Git'er done. :soldier
  5. moon puppy

    1947 Mexico

    Yep that's black. :popcorn
  6. moon puppy

    Thinning Skinny_Mike's Stash

    Good luck Mike.
  7. moon puppy

    A Fistful Of Bananas.

    He get's this crazy idea that someone's laughin' at him.
  8. moon puppy

    1/35 KH MH-60L "Super 63"

    She's big, looking good. :vgood:
  9. moon puppy

    My Corona!

    I take it she doesn't read your post? :bat
  10. moon puppy

    Revell: Westland Lynx Mk8 1/32

    Sweet! :vgood:
  11. moon puppy

    Avro c.30

    Those things were crazy man... :notworthy
  12. moon puppy

    Latest sculpts - Soldiers pulling maintenance

    So you sculpt these masters whole but you cut them up for molding?
  13. moon puppy

    Cyber-hobby CHC-7130 1/700 USS Enterprise CVN-65 Waterline Model Kit 2020 Release

    $60 for a 1/700 scale ship that hasn't even released yet? I know that's your scale of choice but damn!
  14. moon puppy


    IT's not too late to get what you think you missed. Press on. :soldier
  15. moon puppy

    The Tenth Crusade... American Volunteer 11/21/2020 update

    Digin' it. Boots look good, nice contrast.
  16. moon puppy

    1947 Mexico

    Very nice startup. :popcorn
  17. moon puppy

    Hobby Boss Pzkpfw. II Ausf. J VK16.01

    On the road again... :soldier
  18. moon puppy

    1/35 part of a US base during the Vietnam war.

    Not a tarp? Could have fooled me.
  19. moon puppy

    SdKfz 251/17 Ausf. C. Luftwaffe

    Told ya I'd get back to this. Only took 5 years. Getting back to it means pulling it from the shelf of doom as a distraction of what life has thrown at us in the last several weeks. Digging this out of the Halftracks II build. Not as far as I thought I was but still pretty stinkin' close.
  20. moon puppy

    Latest Acquisitions Revisited!

    I thought it was scale sound of the engines... :rotf