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  1. Swordsman

    Airfix 1/72 scale Curtiss Tomahawk Mk.IIB

    I have a 1/72 Ju 87 Stuka in my Stash .... after inspecting the prop is broken missing one blade .... I'll go to the Hobby shop and see if I have a replacement for it .... if not I'll have to find another kit ... :frantic :pilot Found another kit, so I changed the heading .... The prop on the...
  2. Swordsman

    1965 Cobra 427 S/C Metal Toy .... Upgrade

    I purchased a Kismart 1/32 scale Shelby Cobra 427 S/C to upgrade for my Texas Outlaws On30 IO.groups. It needs upgrading .... My Phone is taking photos in some weird format that won't post here ... So I'll email them to me, and offer to other .... Laptop ... just a sec .... So I...
  3. Swordsman

    I'm a Cowboy and on a Steel Horse I ride !!!

    A lot has happened, since I've been on the forum, and I still have much to do. My project is a scale 1:1, that is to take a Corvair Motor & trans-axle assembly, add a frame & Springer on it. I won't get real political Here, Back in 2012, I meet a Man riding a Harley, with a Battle flag & SCV...
  4. Swordsman

    I'm in (Subject to be revealed) watch for it !!!

    I'm thinking Jeff sent some stuff & I have a pile of spare parts .... I'm sure there's something racy in My stash .... :hmmm
  5. Swordsman

    Revell 1/48 Scale 1930 Packard Victoria

    From the "V" radiator shelf to the long hood and plush folding top, the 1930 Packard Victoria was a car that any man might covet. The Dietrich body was styled in the grand tradition of custom bodied classics. The 1930 Packard fulfilled the American motorist's dream with speeds approaching 100...
  6. Swordsman

    Renwal 1/48 1939 Mercedes-Benz 540K

    My entry I will add photos soon (tonight) I was able to get the thing out of Desktop ... Not sure if Android has troubles yuet ... :woohoo:
  7. Swordsman

    0-4-0 Cab Forward Combine (Coffeepot loco) Update

    I realize now that this is a confusing start to this thread, Down under they have a Coffeepot loco that has been altered by taking the front truck off a Passenger Coach, and adding a little steam engine .... The following photos show the prototype locos in a Cab forward Configuration. Now...
  8. Swordsman

    Swordsman ... I'm Still Here & I'm still Alive

    Ok I know I haven't posted or logged on for awhile just have been very busy lately ... Working on a # 1 scale, the House & trying to keep the tax man at bay ... considering closing down Greenville Hobby as I'm not making much progress and most of my Customers are gone ... I miss The Hippy the...
  9. Swordsman

    1/48 Scale F-4J Phantom II Mig Ace Cmdr Sam Flynn

    My Kit's Box art .... The conversion from Showtime 100 Flight patch ...
  10. Swordsman

    Zvezda 1/100 Abrams M1A1 U.S. Main Battle Tank ...

    I started this yesterday ... Get - r - Done !!!
  11. Swordsman

    Backwoods lumber Company Shay ... I like Trains

    Seems there's one or two here who like :train 'S So here we go my project is to make a backwoods shay ... It will look something like this when finished ... I'm thinking of adding a hoist/winch system on front like this ... The Donner's ... Are shown below ... First off we have a On30 two...
  12. Swordsman

    The " Fantastic Voyage TV Ship " Update Jan 6 "

    My entry to the CTA 3 Build is this one ... Here's start-up photos ... this is also the kit I'm giving as a prize In-opened of course ... Raquel (" Erica Lane " ) is in the kit ... :woohoo:
  13. Swordsman

    I'm not new here ... but have been absent lately

    I turn the computer on it goes to MA automatically ... so You may think I'm on-line but Life has been very hard for me lately ... You see my Mother will turn 90 years old on Sept 20, about 8 weeks ago she was put in the ICU because she had serval Blood clots in Her lungs and legs. On top of...
  14. Swordsman

    Russian Stealth Helicopter "Black Ghost" 1/72

    It's about time I got this one going ... The kit is opened ... the Styrene smells very Fresh ... I can't wait to dig in .... :woohoo: :thumbsup :woohoo:
  15. Swordsman

    Achzarit Late 1/35 Israel Heavy APC

    Here's start-Up photos Guys ... Lots Of Sprue in here ... Looks very detailed Comes with nice looking PE ... and very detailed Hull ... This will get the creative juice flowing again ... My Friends keep passing ... lost another close friend last night ... So I must get going...
  16. Swordsman

    206A German Sub-Finished S605 French Sub-Finished

    I'm Starting this because I'm not sure if I'll get My other build done ... So My 1st Model was a Submarine. So I'll be doing two subs for this build in 2 weeks .... :captain 206A German Submarine Vs S605 French Submarine .... I'll get these done in time ... standby to get under way...
  17. Swordsman

    F-117A "The Black Jet" 1st to Strike 1/48 Monogram

    I'm joining with a 1st strike Plane "The Black Jet" F-117A ... getting Start-up photos now ... :woohoo: The Patch ... This is the way I bought this at my 1st Scale Fest ... From Henry Wells friend from Tulsa, Ok Official Start Photos ... Love the price of this Kit ... Well there...
  18. Swordsman

    I need info on a B-29 "Punky" 504 Bomber Group

    A lady came in and wans to get Her Husband a set of decals for His dads B-29, He flew with the 504 Bomber boxcar group 20th Air command Air Division. She said the nose art was a flying pig dropping bombs, at the current time I don't have tail number, but any help or info or decals would be...
  19. Swordsman

    Ki-109 Mitsubishi Intercepter/fighter 3/12/ Update

    Ok I decided to do this one looks like a great kit ... Ki-109 Mitsubishi Japanese Army Experimental Fighter ... :pilot Start photos ... I'll start this tonight ... but I'm opening the bags now .... :woohoo: :pilot :good
  20. Swordsman

    Ford T Ambulans M1917 1/48 Update Feb 11 2017

    I'll be starting this one ... for this campaign ... maybe this weekend ... Start-up photos ... There you go box is open ... Bag still sealed ... can't find the scissors ... Stay tuned although 1/48 scale very detailed little kit ... :soldier :woohoo: :thumbsup