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  1. errains

    A Blast from the Past!!!

    Over the past weekend I was going through some old thumb drives and I came across my first two serious model builds. Both of these where built over the winter of 1979-1980...WOW 40yrs ago! I was 16 at the time. I took them to the IPMS Nationals in Salt Lake City where the T19 got second in...
  2. errains

    M3A1 Scout Car-Tamiya 1:35th

    Whats up Dudes! So this is the subject of my first up coming full building and painting video. This kit was a dream to build as the engineering and fit are just outstanding and them figures are awesome for injection molded. Add a little stowage and camo net for some interest. Now it time to...
  3. errains

    A What's in the Box Review: Hobby Zone's Wet Pallet

    errains submitted a new resource: A What's in the Box Review: Hobby Zone's Wet Pallet - A look at this new Hobby Zone Wet Paint Pallet Read more about this resource...
  4. errains

    A What's in the Box Review: Das Werk's 2cm Salvenmaschinenkanone SMK18-Typ2

    errains submitted a new resource: A Whats in the Box Review: Das Werk's 2cm Salvenmaschinenkanone SMK18-Typ2 - Das Wrek's eight barreled anti-aircraft monster. Read more about this resource...
  5. errains

    My First Fruilmodel Tracks...So what do I do with them??

    Getting ready to start working this track set. I understand the basics but I'm interested in hearing what you all do with them. Like do you blacken them or just paint them, assemble them first then blacken/paint or leave them seperate, use the wire in the kit or use something better?? I'd...
  6. errains

    Churchill 3in Gun Carrier - AFV CLub - 1/35 Scale

    Here is my selection for this Campaign. The First seven steps of the instruction is solely for the suspicion... :doh:...that should take me about a month to get through,then I can get on with the StuG V build...:eyeroll: The Kit Start up Shot I've been wanting to do this kit ever since it...
  7. errains

    StuG-Panther V - The Hound Killer

    After the surprise appearance of the US 17 pounder M6A1 Bearhound and the heavy losses it inflicted among German armored divisions, MAN of Germany initiated a crash program to field a counter response... The 10.5cm Sturmgeschutz V...Hound Killer! The Kit Startup Shot Assembly of the Lower...
  8. errains

    Modeler's Alliance YouTube Channel is Launched

    Attention Alliance Members! Our YouTube channel has launched and the first video is up for viewing. Give it a watch and feedback (it's my first ever YT video :wow: ). If you would like to make and post videos for the channel shoot me a PM and I'll set you up with the login and password. All...
  9. errains

    What's in the Box Review-Bold Division's: Sturmgeschütz V

    errains submitted a new resource: What's in the Box Review-Bold Division's: Sturmgeschütz V - In box video review Read more about this resource...
  10. errains

    A Moment of Remembrance and Honor

    Let us all take just a Moment from our bench time and BBQs to remember and hold in great respect the generations of men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend their loved ones and uphold the Ideals of each nation throughout globe. While this is an American Holiday let each of us...
  11. errains

    Modelers Alliance YouTube Channel

    I'm thinking of starting a MA channel on Youtube. I the idea is for individuals who are interested in making and posting model related video a common place to do so that also helps promote our awesome website and community we have here. types of videos include but not limited to building and...
  12. errains

    MRC 40% Off EVERYTHING Sale until 3May

    Link: MRC 40% Off Sale!!!
  13. errains

    Looking For a Kettenkrad 1/35th Scale

    As the title states preferably a Dragon kit but will consider a Tamiya. Will buy/trade /pay for postage...Please someone help me 😥😥 🤟
  14. errains

    Manfred's New Ride...thought of you Moonpup

    Eurofighter Typhoon"BARON SPIRIT" It kind of Kool!! :pilot
  15. errains

    Q&A Sessions with Michael Rinaldi-Free PDFs

    Back in 2018 & 2019 Artist Michael Rinaldi, author of the TankArt books, conducted several Q&A sessions on FaceBook :evil: These sessions have been collected together by subject and made available for FREE! 1) Follow this link; Q&A 2) Add the items to the cart, no registration required at...
  16. errains

    For IronMike-but you can look too if your noisy

    I wouldn't plan to spending any more then $150.00. I just want to Amazon because I'm lazy that way :blush: Here is one just like my current Compressor This one looks interesting too Compressor II Here is a "Badger" one just outside my price point....but might be good too Badger Compressor...
  17. errains

    50% Off Sale on Vantage Modelling Solutions(VMS)

    Thought I would pass this along in case anyone was interested in VMS products. VMS 50% Off Sale :v
  18. errains


    Rheintochter was a German surface-to-air missile developed by Rheinmetall-Borsig during World War II. Its name comes from the mythical Rheintöchter (Rhinemaidens) of Richard Wagner's opera series Der Ring des Nibelungen. The missile is a multi-stage solid fuelled rocket. It had four small...
  19. errains

    Das Werk's: Salvenmaschinenkanone SMK 18-Typ 2

    Oh Great I Feel Another ETO-46 Build Coming On :facepalm :frantic Preview on The Modelling News :v
  20. errains

    USMC AH-1Z "Shark Mouth"-Academy-1/35th

    So for the 10th Anniversary build I figured I would do a milestone subject...My FIRST EVER aircraft!!...:dude The current plan is to build this about 90% OOtB but I will add just a few simple doodads....and NO Aftermarket PE!!!...other then what comes in the kit. This looks like an...