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How to Attach an Image in the Forum

[PARSEHTML]<p><br />In the section labeled "Category Header", click on new "topic button"</p>
<div class="kmsgimage"><img src="/images/articles/newtopic.png" alt="" title="NEW TITLE PNG" /></div>
<p><br />A new screen will come up (below). Enter your subject and text to the new post.<img src="/images/articles/post.png" alt="" /></p>
<p>To post a picture. click on "add file" opposite &ldquo;Attachments&rdquo; header and add your file.</p>
<div class="kmsgimage"><a href="PUT THE PATH TO POST.PNG" rel="" title="NEW TITLE PNG"> <img src="/images/articles/picture.png" alt="" /> </a></div>
<p><br /><br /></p>
<p>After adding file, you will have the option to &ldquo;Remove File&rdquo; or &ldquo;Insert&rdquo;<br /> <br />Insert will insert your picture in the body of your post.<br /> <br />Note: preview will not show any pictures.<br /> <br />Submit and you are done. Remember you can edit your post.<br />&nbsp;</p>

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