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Groundwork Class with Anthony Reeves

Here at Modelers' Alliance website, We have a unique situation where we have several masters of the scale modeling world participating in discussions and sharing tips and techniques of the craft. One of those Masters is Anthony Reeves, we all know him as Ant, aka Treemendus.

If you have not seen Ant's work take a moment to check out this Masters Classes and previous forum postings and you'll agree with us that Ant is a Master of his craft.


On this forum Ant will guide us in a step by step process of recreating, in scale a scene that I took pictures of earlier this spring. Here in the South East US, and all over the world I'm sure, you can take a walk in the woods and soon find some signs of past habitation. My other hobby is finding old lost graveyards and I often find old home sites where the only thing remaining is perhaps a chimney and some other relics to mark the spot where someone may have lived and worked at.

In the same spirit as the "Interactive Figure Painting with Bob and Laura" class, Ant will lead me in a step by step process of recreating what we see in these pictures.

These are the stones of an old chimney, the building is long gone. I have not been able to find any history on this location, I can not contact the owners and according to the tax records they purchased the property in 1994, they may not know the history. the site is close too an old farm house. This building may well have been a caretakers or even an old slave quarters. Or could be an old smoke house, I just don't know yet.

Here you can see the rotting timbers that was the frame and foundation. Each corner has large rocks which the structure was built on.

Great detail here as you can see formed bricks mixed in with stones. This looks to be an attempt to repair the chimney, perhaps even indicating and even older structure was at the site before the last one. \

And just a small piece of the detail.

You can see more pictures at my website by clicking here. No critics on my site, not all of it works...

So there we have it, Class will commence shortly with Professor Ant leading us along. Ant will post his starting step and I will follow up with my homework assignment. By the end of the class we should have two identical pieces of work...(yeah, RIGHT! /components/com_kunena/template/default_ex/images/english/emoticons/35.gif ) I only hope I learn as much from Ant as I did from Laura in our figure painting class. And just like Laura's class, class is open to any and all who want to follow along and post their progress with mine. But please do keep up with the class, no stragglers please.

I will be getting my supplies from Ant's Treemendus webstore but any number of materials will work and I know Ant can explain this in more detail.

Class starts soon and hope you all follow along, I for one am really looking forward to this project!
moon puppy
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