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Bill Chilstrom

You can't talk about Bill Chilstrom without mentioning Dave Harper, (D-Man). They have been buddies and business partners since 1978. I first met them in San Diego, California way back in the day at a long defunct armor club show, kinda the predecessor of AMPS of today. They were both very young then. Our paths next crossed in 1993 at Mastercon III. They attended as I had hired Dave to make a video of the convention and the Miniature World Museum. After that, we became close friends and Susan and I visited them on one of our trips to the northwest around '96 in their home town of Portland, Oregon. When the split with my partner happened, I lost my graphics people. I hired Dave to be my Graphics manager and Bill to sculpt our figures for my newly acquired figure company, Warriors. I moved them from Portland, Oregon to the St. Louis area of Missouri.

From that point on, we all, Susan, me, Dave and Bill became close friends. For all the 8 years they worked for me, we traveled together, had a weekly get together for movies every Tuesday night at our house and became family! Bill is the most laid back guy you have ever met! My second hobby is cooking and Bill loves good food! But Bill is above and beyond all, a true artist! He sculpted his first figure in 1978, and the rest is history! He has sculpted more than 300 commercial figures for more than a dozen companies, Verlinden, Warriors, Custom Dioramics, are just a few. As far as diorama figures are concerned he has only a very few peers. Some of his dioramas and vignettes are breathtaking! Bill is the most easy going and truly nice people it has been my pleasure to meet in the modeling world. I feel honored to call him one of my very best friends! This is a shot of Bill on a visit last Thanksgiving and it is typical Bill! Somehow, he cranks out fantastic figures at a very prolific rate despite his relaxed personality! He has mentored many up and coming sculptors and we can all learn from a giant in the hobby! Bill, you're the best!

Bob Letterman