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bob letterman

Abdin Santoni

Abdin Santoni, (Fledermaus)



Abdin was born on July 1, 1965 in Aguada Puerto Rico. He started in the hobby back in the mid seventies when he discovered the 1/32 monogram kits, then, by the end of that decade ,a local store began selling the Testor’s Italeri 1/35 military model kits and that was it, he fell in love with model building. He was about 10 years old then and hadn’t even painted the kits, just assembled them and played with them. Then one day he received a VLS catalog and saw the plaster diorama kits and was blown away, that catalog started it all for Abdin. He ordered about a dozen of the kits and started to do his first dioramas inspired by the Verlinden books. Later, he also experimented with the Schmidt vacuum kits and with resin kits. With time and practice, the models got better and the rest is history. The part he enjoys best is doing scratch built parts and adding or correcting parts on the kits. And, brother, if you want to see some scratch built parts, just check out his 1/35th scale Dora build! Incredible!

I am proud to announce our new Master’s member, Abdin Santoni!! (Fledermaus)

Bob Letterman

bob letterman
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