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TOPIC: Kinetic M-ATV Build Review

Kinetic M-ATV Build Review 29 Dec 2013 15:46 #1

This will be a build review the Kinetic M-ATV vehicle - a modern 1/35 scale mine resistant recon vehicle.


Hello all,
I have been working on the chassis and the associated front and rear sub assemblies.
I have found the detail to be OK and the fit mediocre. Some parts such as the front cross-member had to be majorly modified in length to fit between the cross members.
The overall fit of all parts so far has been very ordinary with gaps a plenty - the instructions don't always show the place to fit the piece clearly and I have been going forward a few pages to find another instruction dwg angle that shows hoe the part was fitted.
Follow the forum post for next installment.
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Kinetic M-ATV Build Review 29 Dec 2013 17:54 #2

Nice :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
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Kinetic M-ATV Build Review 30 Dec 2013 23:16 #3

progress on the drivers cab.

Fit has been OK, but some parts that are less solid (not large sheet plastic areas) do not fit well.
I think at this point in the review I judge that they have gone down a similar path to the mid series of armoured vehicles from Dragon (specifically the German MK 4 Panzer range). Dragon went overboard with the detail (especially the suspension)to the point where the average modeller became 'bogged down' in the kit - but at least the detail they offered was worth the trouble. They then got smart about what to deliver to who and started producing the 'Smart Kit series) they approached the detail in a better way.
Kinetic have done something similar here and have gone down into the detail but have not delivered on the quality of the smaller parts - eg the door handles are provided as separate pieces within the assembly, but are really just a lump of plastic - so why not just mold them as one piece?

The cab has a nice look and feel and the cab is quite extensively detailed, however the fit of the sides and the istuction guide was not as hot. - the box structure of the cab did not fit very smoothly around the interior detail or just as a box.


Front panel upper and bonnet.
-This was nicely molded and very robust. The grill is provided as a nice PE part with the front panel providing separate headlight detail.

Doors fit nicely into the cab frame without issues and provide nice simple details.
The hinge work is very nice and the clear window parts fit very well.

box on rear of cab

The final part of this review is a visual look at the roof turret parts and the accessories.

The instructions are reasonably detailed and here you can see the high amount of individual parts, which is a common theme throughout this model.

Another aspect that I really liked was the section in the instructions that held clear reference photos from the real vehicle - very helpful for building from the kit and scratch enhancement.


A nicely detailed kit that would fit into the mid range of quality/ precision within the model manufactures. The detail is there but sometimes a little lacking but can be easily added to with scratch work using the reference pics.
Instructions were ok but were difficult to follow in a few places.
The fit of the kit was average with a few areas that needed additional work.
Not a kit I would recommend to a beginner.

I would give this a 6/10.
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Kinetic M-ATV Build Review 31 Dec 2013 06:49 #4

Been a long time since we had a full on build review Ian, well done sir! :notworthy:

Are you going to finish the kit?
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