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TOPIC: Tamiya's 1.35 Tilly

Tamiya's 1.35 Tilly 16 Mar 2010 05:52 #1

Hi everyone
Here are some shots of the new 1.35 Tamiya Tilly.

The basic construction is, as you'd expect from Tamiya, very very easy. The model goes together very quickly and the fit is fantastic. It is only when the detailing starts that things slow down. However, you don't have to do the detailing to build a wonderful little model straight from the box.

I specifically wanted to build the Tilly that Princess Elizabeth learnt to drive on. This is the reason for the large headlight adapted from the old Matilda kit as it is not included in the Tilly kit (though the correct markings are included as a bonus). The radiator muff is pinched from the Accurate Armour kit. Various small additions have been made from plastic card, masking tape and Aber brass buckles.

Tamiya approached the Tilly Register for help in researching this model, and I was only too glad to help! I was presented with a couple of test shots by Tamiya as thanks for helping them with this little gem of a model.

Next step - The first one hasn't changed much. This is the Princess Elizabeth Tilly. I've just added the kit handles, wipers and mirror since last time. The wipers are very delicate and easily broken. So is the steering column so leave this until you button up the cab. Also, don't drill out the crank handle hole in the front bumper. No matter how small the drill, the bumper will snap!

The second one (Princess Irene Brigade) has a split cab (later production) so it needed some brackets behind the cab and on the windscreen pillars which are not catered for in the kit. The lights are non-standard. From my one solitary photo, the right one is from a car or motorcycle. I used one from the old Italeri Schwimmwagen. The other light has some sort of illuminated identification panel attached to the blackout mask. I've never seen this before - can anyone help?

The kit has no mirrors which is a pain, so they're fiddly to make. The exhaust is extended (different side to the first). The backs of the seats in this one are bare metal and fluted - not flat like the kit. Brass towing eyes are pinched from the Accurate Armour kit. I did them in plastic on the other. Obviously I'm doing it without a tilt. Both of them need mudflaps adding.

None of this is necessary to make a beautiful model from this kit. It's just that I'm a self-confessed Tilly nut and want to get the models right - but not go over the top with replacing all of the tie downs, etc.

Glossed up in preparation for weathering. I hate this stage. They always look unreal and far too clean. That will soon change.

The finished models - The Princess Elizabeth Tilly I wanted to keep fairly clean as it spent at least the last part of its life in a maintenance and instruction school. The tyres for this Tilly are wrong as they should have block treads all round - one thing for the after-market guys to think about.

The Princess Irene Brigade Tilly is based on a photo in my new book having just taken part in a parade to celebrate the liberation of The Hague, so is a little more used and abused. One thing missing from this model at the moment are brackets along the top of the bodywork to keep the tilts upright. The kit wasn't designed to be tilt-less and, once again, I'll wait for the AM guys to produce some nice bits of tiny brass.

The colours used were all mixed using Mike Starmer's recommendations, also detailed in the book.

From the AM boys, we also need different pattern tilts, different seats, radiator muff and alternative headlights. One of the few things Tamiya missed was the internal stowage - an axe head on the front bulkhead, axe shaft on the left door pillar and rifle clip/rifle on the driver's door pillar. The rifle clip is very obvious seen through the driver's window or from behind. Also note the interior light by the rifle clip.

Having said that, the options in the box give you plenty of choice. I am absolutely delighted with what Tamiya have produced. It is a beautiful little kit and the most important thing is that it looks right and it feels right, something no-one else has managed before with any Tilly kit.

I am very proud to have been involved in this project. Well done Tamiya. Let's have some more of them!!

Mike Shackleton
Tilly Register


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Re:Tamiya's 1.35 Tilly 16 Mar 2010 06:27 #2

Very nice Mike and you have done things differently to mine :) , when you say an Axe , dont you mean a pick ? The picatures you sent me are of a pick head and handle or is there an axe as well ?

I think there will be a few aftermarket resin covers , I would like to see them with windows open too ! The aftermarket guys will definately get some of the finer bits too like the rifle stowage I reckon :) . I am definately going to make more Tillys , they are heaps of fun :) .

Jenny :kiss:
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Re:Tamiya's 1.35 Tilly 16 Mar 2010 07:10 #3

Hi Jenny
The pick-axe shaft was stowed inside the passenger door pillar and the pick-axe head was stowed separately on the front passenger bulkhead. They were too big and awkward to stow assembled, so had to be broken into two parts.

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Re:Tamiya's 1.35 Tilly 16 Mar 2010 08:22 #4

Hi Mike,

great work and nice finish!!

I'm looking forward to buy a pair of tillies :laugh:

I like the dirty one, congratulations!

Pere Pla
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Re:Tamiya's 1.35 Tilly 17 Mar 2010 15:00 #5

Nice work Mike!

I like both, but the camo Tilly looks more real!


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