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Vulcan Models 2 Pounder

VulcanModels 2 Pounder ATG Box Art
The Kit

I ordered three kits directly from Asia and they arrived quickly.  The box art, by Fleischer is well done and one either side a suggested finishing scheme was illustrated using colored CAD drawings.  The instructions were underneath the sprues and well illustrated on a glossy paper.  The first impression was quite favorable and not that of a limited run kit.

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Badger's Renegade Velocity Airbrush

For years I used a Paasche H1 airbrush, then later I bought a Modelmaster (Aztec) airbrush to replace it.  It never did so I went out and bought an Iwata HP-C.   After hearing the commotion Badger was causing with their new airbrushes at model shows, I contacted them once I saw a very nice discount offer from the company.  A couple of months after contacting them, I was offered the opportunity to review two of their latest airbrushes and this one is the first, the Renegade.

Renegade Velocity Box

The Renegade comes in a fabulously made box, the kind a medal is kept in.  Open opening the latch; we see the airbrush, a plastic cup with two parts, both snugly held in place by a profile cut foam insert.  Lifting this up, we see the documentation included with the airbrush.

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Griffon Photo etch update for the Dragon M-16 Halftrack

I had began building the Dragon M-16, and fortunately, I build in small sub assemblies. Jenny Croft sent me the Griffon set for review and being in tiny subassemblies, it wasn't much work to rebuild the kit substituting the PE parts for plastic ones in various areas.

Griffon offers this highly detailed set to update and improve the DML M-16 halftrack. My only prior experience with Griffon was a recent build of the Dragon Flakpanzer 38 T. It was excellent, I had no problems whatsoever, so my expectations for this set was very high.


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Ex-Swiss Panzer 55 aka Centurion Mk. 3

Here are some photos from the Southern New England Military Museum in Danbury, CT.  The subject is an ex-Swiss Centurion Mk. 3 named as Panzer 55 while in service (my thanks to Günther Neumahr for the correction).  A few scans from the Technical Manual follow as well.

Cuntruion Gun BarrelGun Barrel

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Please Welcome Chukw to the TnT Staff

Let me first tell everyone how glad we all are that you like the new site. Lots of work went into building this site with you all in mind, what you all would like to see and trying to make it easy to work with. I'm floored that we have over 200 users in the first week!

Now with all the new features of the site we had to draft...recruit some new staff members to help with the work load, please give a warm welcome to Chuck Wojtkiewicz, A.K.A chukw.

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