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SabingaMartin: T-62 in Israeli-Arab Wars Part 1

This book is the first in a series covering the T-62 in the Israeli-Arab Wars.
Front Cover
An 80 page softcover, with 40 in full color, there are over 300 photographs.  Also included are 1/35th scale plans and color profiles.
Rear Cover
Buy directly by sending an e-mail to Robert via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Voyager Models Early and Mid Tiger Barrels

Voyager Models has been releasing detail sets for over five years.  In the beginning, you could find packages with this web site's URL printed on it.  As a new company, they did not mind asking for assistance and began offering affordable sets following Royal Models example of including various materials dependent on the item being portrayed.

Now they have several items which can be called luxury lines with this one, High Technical, being their multi-media barrel sets.

Early Barrel

Mid-Late Barrel

A new blister package with a fitted foam insert cradles the parts and allows the vendor to stack or hang the product.  The pleasing orange, gray, and black tones do exude quality.  Being clear, one then sees the product pre-assembled in a cellophane envelope within with a second envelope holding the photo-etched parts in clear view.

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Reality in Scale Table Cloth on Real Cotton

Reality in Scale has some excellent products for dioramas or to display on ones models.  I remember hos the Hudson and Allen woven carpets had me in awe many years ago.  Following this example, Reality in Scale (RiS) has released this set of table cloths (four table cloths and one runner) printed on cotton.

The printed cotton sheet, note the frayed edges...

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Reality in Small Carpets on Real Cloth

Reality in Scale (RiS) seems to find new mediums with which to use for modeling products.  Here, they offer a large sheet of fibrous paper onto which they have printed carpet designs.

The rather large sheet.

A rather large sheet, one quarter of an A4 aheet in size, is found inside a ©Ziploc bag with a paper insert which has the instructions for use.  The paper is rather thick and, learning from my experience with their real cloth products, I have used sharp scissors to cut the design.  There is a sticky paper backing to it which needs removal.

There are 35 designs on this sheet as can be seen int he first photograph. 

Close up.

The second is a close up which shows the fibers.  

After cutting the design out, I will use glue to apply it to the surface I wish.

Care needs to be exercised if using them under figures as the fibers can lift a figure up.  In order to convey an illusion of weight, pin any figures through the carpets.

It is a nice update.  It is the best in this medium so far.

My thanks to RiS for the sample.

New Releases from Reality in Scale

35097 House Ruin - 2 resin pieces - incl. enamelled streetsigns, wire mesh and a stained glass window