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Icaerodesign 1/32 MiG 21 LanceR conversion

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Airfix 1/72 Shackleton MR.2

History: Since there is considerable information available online I'm not going to go into great depth here. For additional reading see the references listing near the end of the review. The Shackleton design was a direct descendant of the Avro Lincoln which itself was a direct descendant of the wartime Lancaster. It used the same wings and undercarriage as the Lincoln but featured a shortened fuselage, Griffon engines and six-bladed contra-rotating propellers. The tail unit was redesigned and although following the Lincoln in having twin fins and rudders these were larger in overall dimensions and the tail plane was moved to a higher position on the rear fuselage. The prototype flew in March of 1949.

The first batch of 29 were delivered in the 1950-51 period. The second production batch of 38 aircraft were modified to take Griffon 57A engines in the outer nacelles and were designated MR. 1A. Although the MR. 1 had a trouble free entry into service there soon appeared a number of areas for improvement. The radar scanner under the nose was not efficiently placed and was vulnerable to bird strikes. The sound proofing in the crew compartment aft of the cockpit left a lot to be desired. Long patrols and the need to wear headsets constantly in order to communicate with the rest of the crew plus the dull atmosphere of the matte black interior led to crew inefficiencies. The Shackleton throughout its career was always known as a noisy aircraft but this was far worse on the early versions.

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Bronco Buffalo 6x6 MPC

Bronco Buffalo 6x6 MPC


To start with I chose this kit because of the lack of slat armor ( aka bird cage ) I feel that the slat armor decreases the wow factor of the vehicle and obscures detail.
As for detail this kit is lacking none on that front. It comes in the traditional sturdy Bronco box. There are 15 sprues and two major body components.

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AFV CLUB 1/35 Bussing-NAG 4500A

AFV CLUB 1/35 Bussing-NAG 4500A

This is a kit that i had been waiting for for 25 years, literally!
When AFV Club announced this release I was really excited and bought one........and I wasn't disappointed.
Plenty of plain versions of this type of German truck have been done over the last couple of years but everybody steered clear of this version for some reason - which I can't understand as i believe that this was the most wanted version, being the classic crane that you see lifting the engine from Tiger 1's.
This kit is the perfect companion to a German tank in a workshop dio scene or fix-up mechanical dio.

The Kit.
1 PE Sheet
rubber caps and string.
1x decal sheet.
Rubber tyres
1x free picture of the coverart. (nice touch AFV!)
Instruction book is very nicely packaged being on 28 glossy pages with 3 color schemes included 2 being grey and one in yellow and green.
The sprues are molded in basic dark yellow and all parts are very crisp with exceptional detail. One in particular is the on-board storage/toolbox which is full of detail and covered in beautifully rendered nuts and bolts. The crane is also a 'piece of art'having much external bolt detail, handles , mechanisms and such to entice the modeler and seduce his will.
Please take some time to review the pictures of this outstanding piece of plastic 'porn'.





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Nuts and Bolts Vol 35

Büssing’s schwere Pz.Spähwagen Part 1: - schw.Pz.Spähwagen (SdKfz.231) & schw.Pz.Spähwagen (Fu) (SdKfz.232) (8-Rad)


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