"Carnyx" Celtic Musician

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"Carnyx" Celtic Musician, 2nd Century BC by Taiko is the topic of todays review.

Box Top

 The Celts as a people were spread across Europe and encompassed quite a number of diverse groups. From those numbers the Celt language has dwindled to just a few areas in the United Kingdom in current times. This figure is of a Celt who plated the Carnyx. This trumpet was "S" shaped and had an animal head for the bell mouth. Some even had wavering tongues or moving jaws. with which to terrify their opponents. By being taller than the surrounding warriors the sounds could play above their heads to better reach and terrify tose on the opposing side. Very few of these instruments have been found. The only one found in Britain can be read about here. If you are interested in the noise thay make this youtube video should help.


The figure is by a fairly new company and is 75mm scale and cast in resin. The casting is very crisp and incredably detailed. Consisting of 11 pieces this figure was sculpted by Oleg Pogosyan and the box art painted by Milan Dufek. Pour stubs and casting blocks are sturdy enough to protect the figue but should be very easy to clean up.





 The figure is striking a very nice action packed pose and the figures features are very well done. His facial fetures show great concentration.


 With a little bit of research you will find a great wealth of info on this unique instrument and the Celt Musician.

Overall I am thrilled with this figure and can't wait to start painting him. It looks so good I am thinking of ordering the Norde Warrior next. There is a new figure in the works and I'm looking forward to see what it will be.

This figure cost me 35,00 € and I ordered it straight from Taiko. Any one who enjoys figures is sure to love this piece.


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