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Forgotten Archives Vol 1

Panzerwrecks has just released a new book and a new series with Forgotten Archives Vol 1: The Lost Signal Corps Photos.


For readers of the Panzerwrecks series the format is the same. A hardcover landscape oriented book 11" x 8.5" . Printed on good quality glossy paper the book has 7 chapters and 240 pages with 260 top quality pictures, printed 1 to 2 per page. While there are a number of German wrecks there are also a number of Allied wrecks displayed. The best thing about this book though are the maintenance and recovery pictures and the combat pictures.

The Army Pictorial Service a branch of the U.S, Army Signal Corps were the people who took the pictures and film for the U.S. Army. Used for research, press Releases, and a visual record of the war, the photographic companies were assigned to the armies and embedded with the troops. Their first duty was to captured combat on film. The pictures in this book are from these units and photographers. All of the pictures have the info written on the back of the picture by the photographer, word for word. They also have another comment block with research info providing vehicle infoo, places, and corrections. Its really interesting reading through both and then purusing the photograph.

pge 3

sample page

I found this book to be exceptional. The pictures are clear and large enough to pick out details. Not only are there wrecks but also day to day and combat photos.  With so much visual data  I think you will find enough to keep you interested no matter whether you are a historian or a modeller, For the modellers the this is a gold mine of ideas and research material. I very highly recommend this book.

The price is £32.99 from Panzerwrecks, $65.00 from The Last Cavalry, and $54.95 from RZM.

I would like to thank Lee Archer from Panzerwrecks for my review copy.

I will definitely keep an eye out for new volumes,

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