Nuts and Bolts Vol 34

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Nuts and Bolts Vol 34 Sd.Kfz.7 - 8 ton Zugkraftwagen Krauss-Maffei and variants has just been released.

, Yet again Nuts and Bolts brings us another excellent reference book. I think the Sd.Kfz. 7 has got to be the iconic Prime Mover of WWII. Ever since seeing the Tamiya offerings many years ago, this vehicle was the only half track Prime Mover and Gun Platform that I knew of. I've since learned there was a vast number of half tracks vehicles that performed these duties, but this has always been my favorite. After going through the book I am amazed at the variants and variations available.

In their standard soft cover  bilingual format you are presented with a great deal of information. The first seven pages are packed with general technical and introductory info. Following there is a synopsis of the eight basic variants. Following this a history of the vehicles in service. One thing I appreciate about the Nuts and Bolts books is the visual ORBATS or orders of battle. Its nice to see visually what would otherwise be numbers and words. I think its a great way to plan a diorama knowing what vehicles would be seen with the subject vehicle. Finally there is a short article on colour schemes and camouflage.


New to me is a table of current kits and conversions and the scale and manufacturers from 1/76 to 1/35 scale. What a handy resource. I hope they keep it in future publications. Another new feature is a bibliographie listing 27 books just in case this one is not enough.

One of the things I like most about Nuts and Bolts are the number and quality of period pictures of the chosen subject. Speaking of which, while they are all interesting and useful, one jumps out at me as too cool not to mention. A Sd.Kfz 7/6 with large storage bins pulling a huge roller. Its captioned as either a test or a compactor for an airfield. I can see if rolling out the grass runways nice and smooth. Its certainly given me ideas.

Of course there are also the excellent 3 and 4 view drawings detailing the various models of Sd.Kfz.7.

I wish I had a book like this years ago when I tried my first conversion to make a Sd.Kfz.7/6. The drawings would have been a real boon.

One of my favorite parts of the Nuts and Bolts books are the colour profiles. Its nice to see the paint scheme laid out in colour. Most of the places have small sub screens with the original vehicle to back up the plate.

Even with period photography you don't get all the details you may wish. This is another area where Nuts and Bolts excels. The preserved and museum vehicle pictures get right into the nuts and bolts and provide difficult to come by images for all of your modeling needs. A great asset for the average builder right up to the super detailer.

Speaking of models, there are four extremely well done models to inspire your own build. Vinnie Brannigan and Tony Greenland again grace the pages with their work. An added treat is a KM 8 by Guillem Marti i Pujoi. While not painted it is a great look at a scratch built project.

All in all this is another awesome title by the Nuts and Bolts team, penned by Vinnie Branigan, Dr. Nicolaus Hettler. I highly recommend it and encourage anyone with a Sd.Kfz 7 or one of its variants in their stash, or an interest historically in this vehicle  to pick it up. The amount of information contained in these pages makes it a great value. Everything you need is in one place meaning you don't have to buy various other books in order to cover all your research needs.

You can order directly from Nuts and Bolts  for 29.9 €, or find it at your favorite hobby shop.  The Last Cavalry has it for $39.00 while Sprue Brothers has it for $59.99.

I thank the Nuts and Bolts team for my copy.

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