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Nuts and Bolts 32

The newest Nuts and Bolts Volume 32: mittlere geländegängige Lastkraftwagen (o) - The medium cross-country Lorries 3 ton (6x4) of the Reichswehr and Wehrmacht is now available.



The newest Nuts and Bolts is out, and what a book it is. This is the first issue that the Nuts and Bolts team has produced that is not about a tracked, half tracked , or weapons system. The Medium Cross Country  Lorries 3 Ton (6x4) is chock full of information on these vehicles.

From the Nuts and Bolts page the book is in german & english text, is c224 pages long, has 471 photos (279 historic, 45 model, 147 modern), has 27 blueprints, has 16 camouflage schemes, tactical markings, and a table of organization (KStN)'

From the Nuts and Bolts site it sells for 28.90€.

In those pages we have a history of Bussing-Nag, Krupp, Henschel, and Mercedes Benz vehicles.

As well as a history we have a technical section covering development and production vehicles.

technical page

body type

Also covered are various body types, cam and markings , special equipment, accessories, and modeling of the vehicle.

There are clear well detailed drawings and excellent colour plates. I think these are some of the best I have seen anywhere.


colour plate

Due to the fact that these trucks were heavily used after the war to the point of destruction, very few survive now. Despite this there is a very nice section of museum and private collection vehicles for the extra detail we all want.


And of course we have the excellent modeling section. Again Tony Greenland displays his exceptional modeling skills with a Krupp L3H 163. Vinnie Brannigan presents an equally well done Henschel Type 33. Both of which will provide some insight into building some of those new kits on the market.


I trully enjoy these Nuts and Bolts books and can hardly wait for each new issue. They are full of information for the Historian or modeler. This one will see some heavy use as I have a few of the new kits by the like of IBG to do and now I have references for the interiors I desperately need. You wont be sorry buying any of these books. They have every thing you need in one place, a one stop shop.

I have seen them at Last Cavalry , and of course right from the publisher.

My thanks to the Nuts and Bolts team for my copy.


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