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Italeri Acrylic Set


A few days ago I bought three sets of acrylic paints issued by Italeri.



Up to now I took advantage of two colors from RAF set. Well, so far I have very mixed experience with their use.

Consistency, appearance and interaction

Above all, the paints are very thick and absolutely require dilution - even for brush painting. Paint responds well to Testors' universal acrylic paint thinner (dedicated to Model Master and Pactra). The pigment spreads well and forms a uniform coat. Not having another, I added Agama retardant for acrylic paint - here the response was good.

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The Weathering Magazine form AK Interactive




Here is the debut of AK Interactive's Weathering magazine. You will not be disappointed. This Magazine is 1st. class all the way. From the quality of the photographs to the high quality paper that this magazine is printed on. Sure ... There are a lot of modeling magazines out there. Most covering a specific genere of the hobby. None, solely on the Art of painting & weathering your model. A lot of magazines touch on certain steps of the process, this magazine does not discriminate ! It will cover all generes of the hobby ( this particular issue is a rather Auspicious debut !) with articles  specifically on making your models the most realistic that you want to build them.  

Montex Mask

In this review I have 3 Montex Mask sets.

alt alt alt

These are courtesy of Montex through Saul Garcia.  Montex is a small company formed by modelers for modelers. They have an excellent range of products and cater to aircraft and armour modelers.  Montex have also created a range of exceptional resin models. in 1/72 and 1/32 scale. There is a 1/35 Dodge WC-203a if you can find it. The markings come in  1/72, 1/48, 1/32, and 1/24 scale for aircraft and in 1/35, and 1/16 for armour. These markings are further broken down into Mini, just the canopy mask, Maxi Mask, the canopy and major markings masks, and Super, which also includes a 4 view colour placement guide. The Super may also include decals or conversions. Finally as if this wasn't already an exceptional product they have a range of KAM markings which have the Master Barrels included. Can't go wrong with that combo.

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Uschi Disc Camo II


Wake the kids & call the Neighbors! If you are a German Armor modeler here is something by Uschi van der Rosten that will make painting those late War Ambush Disc patterns a lot easier & less time consuming on your next German Panzer.

USCHI van der Rosten is a relatively new company. They specialize in Wood texture and effects decals, spraying masks and stencils for AFV/Airplane modelers as well as Their Track Burnishing fluid. Here for review is the Disc Camouflage stencils in 1/35th scale(DPC-35).

Uschi has recently partnered with AK Interactive and the set is also available as a Cobranded product by AK Interactive. Both have worked very closely to put this set together, as well as other Uschi products. Priced at 14,99€ from USCHI,and 15,95€ ($21.95 USD) from AK Interactive which includes one P.E. sheet. The set ED-35 is available through USCHI for 5,00€ it contains three strips essentially the reverse of the first sheet.These extra discs fro difficult spots are entirely consistent to the three different sizes of the “Discs” on the actual DPC-35 stencil.DPC stands for ‘Disc pattern camouflage and ED stands for “Extra Discs” The number 35 indicates the scale. Both products have also been recently issued in 1/48th scale. You can look for these as DPC-48 & ED-48

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Vallejo Primer

I recently bought some Vallejo Primer and got to use it for the first time today.



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