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CelticWerks T-55 Stripped Engine Compartment


Celticwerks is a brand new company to the resin aftermarket.  The main personalities are well known with Steve Reid doing the casting, Rob Ferreira, and Zachary Sex creating the masters so far.

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MoDio Bases

If you haven't met Narongkorn Wongwaen (Num) one of our members, check out his work here at the site.

If you have seen his work, you will know that he is an outstanding modeler in his own right.

He and his wife Apiradee Wongwaen (April) have launched a model company out of Thailand and here is what they have

in store for us.

Check the size (printed on one the picture). Remember this is in Centimeters not Inches.

The price is in Thai Baht so check the current exchange rate for your country.

Small Bases:



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Griffon Model - 2cm FlaK-38 barrel

Griffon Models is a new Chinese company producing aftermarket items for modelers. I must admit that, when they first came out, I thought they were pirated products as their lineup seemed very inspired by other company’s work, namely Aber, Eduard, and Lionroar. Fortunately, this is not the case.

In a small elongated heavy plastic bag with a folded cardboard header, are the contents of this set, the Flak 38 barrel along with instructions. This set may be displayed on a pegboard in the local hobby shop. 

Contents of package.

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MoDio European Arch with Base Kit # BM-004


MoDio base in 1/35th Scale
By Shawn W. Gehling
This is one of many bases that Num (Narongkorn Wongwaen) has made, all of which are beautiful. He has Small, Medium (which this is) and Large bases. If you are looking for a really cool base to display your work on, one of these might fit the build. Check out this website:;br />Please note that it is in Thai, but the information pictures have English descriptions for the kits.




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On The Mark Models IDF Pattern Jerrican Racks set AR-3551

On The Mark Models is the first Armor only PE producer appearing in the 1980s. Their line was small but all products were based on actual measurements and many include plastic nuts/bolts/turnbuckles and/or plastic/brass rod/wire/pipe to complete the detailing. While dormant for many years, I had stocked up each time I came across Mark Persichetti (the owner) at a show to ensure I got the sets, especially his rifling inserts.

This is one of the earlier sets is based on measurements of ex-IDF vehicles at various museums and consists of three fuel can racks with belts on one fret. This 2.5 x 2 inch fret comes with a letter sized instruction sheet folded in four and packed inside a plastic sleeve with a paper header. See below left:

The set with close-ups

On the upper right, note the brass 'hairs' sticking out of either side of the metal strap. These are intentional and indicate where to bend the straps. These hairs are easily filed away. The lower right side shows the ends of the 'fabric' straps with the rivets. Care must be taken when cutting out the parts as the brass is 0.010 inch thick etched down to 0.0025 inch. Details are etched onto both sides but none of the etching was used to make freeing the parts from the frets any easier.

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