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HGW Models After Market Sets for He-111 & Ju-88

HGW came onto the scene a while back with seat belts made of a micro mesh. This material maintains its shape and colouring yet can be crumpled up and made to look used. The belts require cutting with a sharp blade and then threading through the PE buckles. I have been using another vendors belts up to not but very much wanted to try these ones. I got the added benefit from the two sets I bought of getting seats etc in resin at the same time. The set I will look at here is for the He 111 in 1/32.

box front


The mail wasn't kind to my sets packaging but everything inside was just fine. I checked out the contents and found resin seats to replace the plastic ones, resin cushion for the bomber, seat belts for everyone, PE, and a nice 8.5 x 11 inch printed instruction sheet in colour.



The instructions are basically pictures with a small write up on the right side. They look very self explanatory and easy to follow.


The parts look well done and only slight flash is present. Should be a cinch to clean up.



On the Ju 88 set I got, they also enclose two different types of wood decals to simulate the wood floor board for the bombardier. I already have my eye on a really nice Gotha super detail set with seat belts, masks and pe to soup up the incredible WNW ktis.

These look to be very high quality materials and I cant wait to give them a shot. I did try and unravel the side of the seat belt square of material but it wouldn't. I'd recommend these absolutely. I got mine from Ebay, but here is their web site which also has an estore.

As you can see from their site there are a lot of exciting products to choose from.