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Created on Thursday, 17 February 2011 13:03
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Published on Thursday, 17 February 2011 20:00
Written by jknaus
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Recently I was given some Archer Fine Transfers to review from Saul Garcia. I'd like to thank both Saul and Woody Vondracek owner of Archer. Fine Transfers. The sets I will look at are  AR 35315 British 25th Division AoS and Formation signs, AR35213 Churchill Mk III North Irish Horse 25th Army Tank Brigade Tunisia, AR35294 Churchill Mk III 3rd (Mixed) Division 33rd Army Tank Brigade 14 Troop C Squadron UK 1942, and AR99061 British 50th Infantry Division Patches.


Before I get into the markings let me say that other than painting on your markings, transfers are the best method around. They look realistic and have no carrier film to contend with. Another advantage is you don't need to clear coat the area first. At least I never have and I've never had silvering.The transfers are very easy to install and if your not sure the website has instructions to ease the process along. But in case you want to know right now, this is how I do it.

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First I cut out the marking and tape it to where I want the marking to show. I tried holding it before, but found it would move and I may tear it. Taping holds it nicely. Then burnish. I use a ball point pen because I can see that I have burnished the whole thing. Little chance of missing a spot. Then carefully peel back the backing sheet. Carefully because you may have to do more burnishing. Then use the piece of backing and burnish the marking down through it. Voila there you go.


Okay Lets look at the markings.The 2 Churchill markings look good and look like pictures I found on the net and in various books. From the picture the 14 over Circle is proper size and shows nicely over the paint scheme. For the 3rd Mixed Division. I believe that there may be 2 of the Red White Red flashes missing. If I understand my refs correctly there should be 1 on each side, one on the bow, one on the stern. And if you include the optional fuel tank there is a flash there also. Other than that everything looks proper. The North Irish Horse Churchill has 4 flashes and again I believe there should be one more if you put on the optional fuel tank.

The British 25th Division AoS and Formation signs gives you  18 of  the North Irish Horse and 18 51st Battalion Royal Tank Regiment identifiers. There are 12 mid sized shields and 6 larger shields. A handy web site for reference is included and a small history. Very nice.

Now for the 50th Infantry Division Patches you get a good number of shoulder flashes and identifiers. These are very small but add so much to a figure. You'll need Archer FG35020 for rank.. If you feel uncomfortable trying to burnish these markings on I suggest getting AR22001 Wet Medium Paper and burnish it on, cut out and apply like a decal.

I have never had a problem with an Archer set that wasn't my fault. I highly recommend them. Again I'd like to thank Archer Fine Transfers and Saul Garcia for my samples.


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