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Verlinden Productions German WWII Maintenance Tools

Set 2502
1/35th scale

Verlinden Productions has been around a long time and is a pioneer of the aftermarket for armor and aircraft modelers with their resin detail sets.  Many of these sets included photo-etched copper frets and there were a few brass sets as well.  However, the last few years did not see much fresh material on the armor front from them.

After a posting by Charlie Pritchett got my interest in VP's new photo-etched details for their M-31 ARV, I obtained several of their sets to review.  Most were of the new Photo-etched details and this one, German WWII Maintenance tools, is representative of all their newer small frets.


In a ©Ziploc bag with a heavy paper header, we find a single fret, encased between two sheets of film and a sheet of paper which serves as instructions.  Easy to follow sketches cover the assembly of the items with the most complicated being the multiple trays of the tool box.

What makes these new sets interesting is that Verlinden Productions has moved away from copper to brass.  They also have started using a membrane to hold the etched parts which eliminates the nub which holds the part to the fret in common photo-etched detail sets.

To use, simply peel away the membrane from front of the set then the blue membrane from the back.  Care must be taken not to deform the 010 inch thick parts.  I fold the blue membrane over itself while pulling it off the brass.

One side is double etched allowing for relief details which include manufacturer's brands like the 'Krupp Werk' on the spanner wrenches.  There are two dozen of these wrenches with etched details one alternating sides so, if glued together as matching pairs, a dozen wrenches would result.  Seven pliers are also provided as well as a C clamp, adjustable wrench, two hacksaws, four files, and a toolbox.  As a bonus, there are extra bezels and gears.

While the instructions would have the modeler double up on the files, I would simple glue polystyrene sheet to the handles and stretch the set to eight files.  The same could be done for the handles of any of the other tools as the PE is two dimensional. 

The tool box was well engineered and I soldered the hinges after threading them through the slot and looping back under the lid.  However, no wire or hinge pins are provided for the tool box or pliers.  One needs to provide these oneself.

For the asking price, this is a great value as most modelers can stretch sprue and use it for the missing pins and hinges.  My thanks to Verlinden Productions for the sample.