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HK Models 1/32 Meteor F4

HK Models 1/32 Meteor F4



The Gloster Meteor was the first and only operational jet fighter to actually enter combat in WWII for the Allies. Its first flight occurred in March of 1943 and by July of 1944 the first production Meteor, the F1, went into service. They were relatively successful in downing V1 rockets. The F1 was replaced by the F3 which had Rolls Royce engines, a revised canopy style and increased fuel capacity. 210 F3's were produced The F3's were introduced on the Belgium front in January of 1945 to intercept the Me 262, however by that time the Luftwaffe was sufficiently weakened that the F3's never engaged the 262 in combat. They were mostly used in reconnaissance and air to ground support activities. With its ejection seat and other modern features it served as a basis for development of post war British jets. The F4 variant featured clipped wings, longer cord intakes, improved engines, a stronger airframe, fully pressurized cockpit, lighter ailerons (to improve manoeuvrability), and rudder trim adjustments to reduce snaking. It was also the first version to be exported. The F4 did not go into production until 1946.

The Kit



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Dornier Do 215 from ICM

Dornier Do 215B-4 from ICM 1:48 scale


OK, here is my 2¢ on this new kit...

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Roden C-123B

This new tool from Roden should prove popular. The Roden kit comes in an overly large box considering the size of the kit, the box could have been a full 1/3 smaller and the parts would have still had plenty of room. Inside the box all of the parts are contained in a single sealed cellophane bag including the clear parts. Add to that the fact that the plastic is quite soft and you have a recipe for damage. The canopy had broken off the clear parts sprue and was rattling around inside the bag but appears to have escaped any serious damage and I found some abrasions on some of the other parts. I did not do a parts count nor was one provided on the box. There are ten sprues altogether with two of them being duplicates and one being the clear parts. The parts are for the most part cleanly molded with recessed panel lines. These are a bit heavy in my opinion but will only be real noticeable on bare metal finishes. The parts have a matte finish as though the molds were sand blasted rather than polished. Again it think I would only worry about it if doing a BMF. As I mentioned previously the plastic seems quite soft and that combined with rather heavy sprue attachment points will result in care needed when removing and cleaning up these. I would recommend using a razor saw then filing rather than using a knife. Some of the parts do have some flash. It seemed to related to the sprues as some seemed to have more than other but none looks that difficult to clean up. Mold parting seams appeared to be worse on the sprues with the most flash indicating it might just have been a mold alignment problem. Ejector pin marks were also found in a lot of the usual places and strangely the main gear doors had marks on both sides. Some sink marks were found, these will be noted later.

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Revell Boeing Stearman PT-17

Revelle 1:48 Boeing Stearman PT-17


The Boeing Stearman Model 75 is one of the iconic training aircraft of World War II, holding the same aura for US pilots as the DH Tiger Moth does for Commonwealth pilots. This rugged biplane first took to the air in 1934, beginning its military service in 1936. After the end of the war, thousands of aircraft were sold on the civilian market, becoming popular as crop dusters, sport planes and aerobatic planes at air shows. In a testament to their durability, over a 1,000 of the more than 8,500 aircraft built continue to fly, making appearances at numerous air shows and fly-ins.

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Vulcan Models' Ordnance QF 2 Pounder Mark IX Carriage Mark II


Several years ago, a new company from Asia, Vulcan Models, started up and this was their first release.

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