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Mini Art Soviet Limber

Mini Art Soviet Limber


The subject of this review is the un sung hero of the artillery soldier. The mighty limber. The hauler of ordnance and whatever else is needed as well as the often time resting place of a weary soldier. Limbers are pulled by vehicle both wheeled and tracked as well as horse drawn and sometimes moved by manpower alone.
Miniart came to the rescue with a 1/35 scale soviet limber in the form of the 52-R-353M .

The kit was purchased from red frog hobbies ( which has great service ) Cost $24.24 at first I thought that was probably a bit too much for a simple kit , by simple I imagined it to be a box two wheels and a tow post. I really wanted it for a project that is planned so I dropped the dime and added it to my order.
Well the grand day had arrived my order was here from red frog and upon opening the Limber kit ,I was pleasantly surprised at the level of detail that was staring back at me.



The instructions are plain and concise consisting of three pages . 5 sprues two of which were the tires and rimes which build up beautifully in a sandwich style.

When building the tires and rimes take care to follow the instructions so as not to confuse the tread pattern. They virtually fall together and each part has a locator to insure correct position. This takes you through step 4. They do build up relatively fast.
Following this is the construction of the limber box. Once again the level of detail for such a small piece is stunning. It is a flat kit , true to eastern European form but have no fear it aligns easily with no seams or gaps.

Once the basic box structure is completed a variety of small details are added next which begin the bring the limber to life





The suspension itself is truly beautiful the way Miniart has done this . The mounting brackets for the leaf springs are separate pieces that are a leap beyond some of the older springs we are accustomed to seeing. Once these are constructed the attachment lines up nicely and then the axle is added followed by the tow bar.


The was a small kit hook supplied for the rear of the limber but I opted to drill out and replace it with metal.

In the kit there is a very fragile frame work that goes on the rear of the limber and supports the back rest. being overly fragile in my opinion I opted to do away with that and fashion one that had more of a field improvised look and feel.





With all of that said I would highly recommend this kit . I am leaving it in the raw for the purposes of this review ........ have no fear it will be seen again at a future date .

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