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Trumpeter 02050 - T-72 Track Links [Workable]

Box sleeve from front.

Trumpeter has continued adding to their line of articulating,, a.k.a. "workable," track sets. This one is aimed at their T-72 releases and may not fit the Dragon kit of the heavy tank.


Box sleeve rear with instructions.

Box contents.


In a rather large and sturdy box, protected with a sleeve that serves as instructions, we find two sealed plastic bags. Each has 50 sprues holding a pair of track links.

Clicking the track links together.

After removing the parts from the sprue and nubs, I cleaned them up a bit by sanding the residual nubs off and then polishing the knuckles. Then, I simply snapped the links together. The inner sides of the outer knuckles have a pin which engages the indentation on the outer edges of the inner knuckles.

Completed section from inside.

Completed section from outside.

The end result articulates freely and compares well to the vinyl tracks from the Tamiya kit.

Track section fitted to Tamiya T-72 sprocket.

Fitting to the Tamiya sprockets show these to fit very well and comparing to the kit tracks, these have more detail. Comparing them to photographs in the Wings and Wheels book on the T-72 shows it to be accurate. Last photo.

References Used

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