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Giovanni Azzara


Please Welcome Giovanni Azzara as a "Modelers' Alliance Master"


I only recently met Giovanni Azzara’


I was looking through the figure forum and saw this incredibly well done. I began looking at all this figure painter’s work and was very impressed. I should have been. I contacted him and invited him to become a member of the masterclass.

Here is his modeling biography!


Born in Potenza, in southern Italy in 1975, his beginnings in modeling began with his set of “Legos”. He soon discovered modelling thanks to his dad who brought him a set of German figures from Italeri, which he soon transformed into an African-American basketball team, playing on a side street basketball court. Basketball was and still is one of his passions. Since then he has built planes, helicopters, cars and motorbikes (another of his great passions).

In the early nineties, Giovanni attended university in Pavia, and it was there he learned about Milliput, He bought some and made his first scratch built model, "The Crow" from the famous comics and movie, and he still has it in his home collection. Later, he met many talented people who introduced me to the military figure world, and he started to enter competitions, winning a few prizes here and there.

Then, Giovanni met his, at the time, partner in crime and still very good friend, Danilo Cartacci, with whom he started a collaboration that led him to win gold medals at some of the most important shows around the world. From the World Expo to the Euro Militaire, to SCHAMS, Chicago MMSI, Seillans ,and even a best of show in St.Vincent, to name a few.

He was doing the sculpting while Danilo was doing the painting. All this lead him to meet some of the most amazing painters and sculptors around, and with some of them, he created various pieces that are now the hands of collectors all around the world.

Then he took a break and decided to finish his university studies. He wanted to acquire an education that would enable him to earn a living at something maybe not as amusing as military miniatures , but necessary for survival! That also meant a moratorium in my modeling for about 5 years.

Giovanni moved to London and then in July 2008 moved back to Milan, Italy.

Last year he finally decided to get back to modelling and here he is again, painting figures mostly, also learning how to build AVF's and soon he'll begin getting into those! I have been communicating with him frequently. He is very modest and humble for someone with so large a talent.

It is my pleasure to introduce Giovanni Azzara’ to the Master class forum!

Bob Letterman

Passion for life 2012


Dear all,

“Passion for life” the charity project I’ve started last year, is carrying on, to help through our hobby the ones less fortunate than us.

This second year the funds will be used to help Potentialmente to support children guests of the foster homes in their educational and professional careers, encouraging the development of skills and competencies.

The figure, I've sculpted this year is an italian soldier wearing the colonial uniform used during the first afgrica expedition in 1885.

The figure has been painted by Stefano Lancioni, an incredible and really talented artist.

Go on to find out who is "Potentialmente" the details of the "Fondo patrimoniale per le case alloggio" and you will know all about the other wonderful initiatives that they are bringing forward.

Thanks to your support, we will be able to help these children to have a future.

The money collected with the sale of the 150 figures, plus the master painted by the really talented Stefano, will be entirely devolved to Potentialmente

Go to to book your figure, to know more about this project and to share your passion for life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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"Passion for Life" charity auction

Dear all,

I've created a little figurine that will be sold to help raise founds for charity.

This year the funds will help Maman Helene (Helene Alemusuey) to buy an hose for the abandoned children in Kinshasa.
Type "Maman Helene bana ya kivuvu" into any search engine and you will learn more about her work for the children in the Congo.
Thanks to your generous contribution we can begin to help the abandoned children of Kinshasa find a new home.

Go to to find out more and order one of the only 100 pieces produced;around 20 are left, so grab yours and don't miss the opportunity to help the children f Congo!

Also I've received the confirmation that on Saturday the 20th between 14 pm and 15 pm, at the World Expo in Montreaux will be held the charity auction where the original master, painted by me will be sold to raise even more founds.

If you have the opportunity please come along, I will also bring the copies of the figures left so you can grab it there and we could have a chat.

Ciao Giovanni



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Painting with Giovanni

Ciao a tutti (Hi all),

I’ve tried to think how I could contribute to this amazing community and share my little knowledge and experience with you all.

Well, thanks to Laura and Bob's amazing interactive painting thread I had this great inspiration.

My idea, or better their idea, is to have interactive painting session, will show you a step by step of this great figure from Alpine, which I’ve replaced his head with another one from the same Alpine range, but any figure will do, I just thought you would like to see a 1/35 figure.

Of course to be a real interactive thread I need you to help me, so I will post one step at the time and I will ask you to do the same to “unlock” the next step and so on.

I hope you will appreciate this alternative way for my Masterclass .

Let’s start, I paint the face with an acrylic base mixing Vallejo and Andrea colours, usually flesh tone, English uniform, a bit of red and a bit of blue; try to get a dark flesh colour .


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how to photograph your figures

Dear all,

 This is an article I was thinking of doing for quite sometime now.

Is a simple explanation on how to make great pictures of our models, without any special or (too) expensive asset.



Here is what we need:

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