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John Steinman

John Steinman

It was many years ago when I met John Steinman on the Internet. At first I confused him with his brother who has been published in MMiR but it became obvious the incredible talent he had. Over the years, he has published many articles in MMiR as well as posting gallery entries on various web sites. Recently, he completed an online build log on Track-Link and before that he showed his diverse skills by tackling a modern subject, an AFV Club YPR-765.

It has been my pleasure in providing what little reference support I could. His efforts have garnished him numerous awards and he competes at the National Advanced level in AMPS. Yet, he remains humble and willing to share his techniques. On that note, I introduce to you; John F. Steinman.

Saúl García

Splattered Mud and Ice n Snow Accumulation

Anyone who has driven dirt roads in the winter will understand what I am trying to portray. When its warm enough for the surface to get wet, mud gets splattered all over the back end of the vehicle, when the sun gets lower in the sky, there is no more mud splatter, but snow and frost accumulate in the arse end very quickly, and it adheres like a thick, but even coating. I really had to think about how I was going to do this, not the splatter, that's easy, but a mess to clean up, it was the even frosty coating of snow over the splatter that was the hard part. I can tell you I had to break down the AB numerous times to clean out gunk before I discovered the most simple solution! So are we ready?

Mud splatter is easy, just mix some pigments, thinner and gloss and load up the AB. Turn the air pressure VERY low, and flick the trigger back. It will spit and splatter, now just aim and flick over and over again and you will get thick gobs of mud! the fun part is cleaning the AB - 20-30 minutes easily!

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Winter Camouflage using the Hair Spray Technique

or Let’s just white wash the whole situation

To start the process base coat your kit in an appropriate color, in this case panzer grey.  Use a very strong, saturated, color as the application of the white wash will fade it significantly.  I gave my kit 2 heavy coats of hair spray, letting them set fully between coats.  The more coats you apply the more easily the white over coat will be removed.


After the hairspray is fully dry overcoat with an acrylic white color, I use Tamiya XF-2 thinned 50/50 with X-20A.  Apply this is a mottled pattern.


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Painting Armor 101

Hi everyone. This is a SBS I did for a Private forum of which I am a member. In this thread I will give you the basics of how I paint and a weather, then in another thread I will show you what it has evolved into.

Let me start by saying that I do not profess to be the best or know it all, but I have learned a thing or two in the 35+ years I have been doing this. So take what you want from this thread and leave the rest my feelings won't be hurt (too much).

First step. Prep the model for paint.

The first thing I do happens before construction, I wash and dry all the sprues in warm soapy water. PE frets in vinager, then soapy water. After construction is complete, I dis-assemble each subassembly and mount it for ease of handling.

The turret, tires etc are mounted as well.

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