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Per Olav Lund


I would like to introduce Per Olav Lund to the Tanks and Things members. I have only recently met Per Olav, but have been an admirer of his incredible works of art for years.

Actually, he is one of those modelers who doesn't need an intro from anybody, so this is more or less a formality.

Per Olav has agreed to enter into our Masterclass and give us some step by steps on how he does some of his unbelievable dioramas!

Bob Letterman

Basic vacuum forming


Have started on a new project in 1/25 scale and was thinking to involve a lot of different techniques.

First out is vacum forming, a cool technique if you want to make styrene copies of relative simple shaped objects. I made my vacum forming machine out of different wood materials and some parts from an old vacum cleaner.

First you have to make a plug or the pattern for your object. I made this one out of balsa wood. The shape was cut out using a saw and sanded to wanted shape, can you guess what´s it gonna be?

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Peeling paint


Some tips on how to make paint look old and pealing.


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