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Anthony Reeves


Anthony had stopped smoking and while trying to relieve his urge to smoke at work one night he took some wire and started to twist it into a tree like shape.

Night after night he would cut himself a few lenghts of wire to try to improve on the "tree" he had made the night before. He had previously grown Bonsai trees for many years so had studied tree growth patterns and habits so had a pretty sound knowledge of how individual species would grow depending on the enviroment they were growing in. Over a period of weeks he played around with various materials to find a medium which would result in a realistic and durable bark to cover the bare wires.

After a chance meeting with a member of the Manchester Model Railway Society, he was given the opportunity to visit Pete Watermans massive 7mm (o gauge) where he worked on the trees and scenics for a couple of years. It was around this time Anthony also started attending various trade shows as a trader. It soon became apparent that not all modellers wished to pay the premium of buying ready made trees. It seemed to him that most modellers wanted to make their own trees . This is where he got the idea for a Tree Kit. All the materials required to make truely realistic trees in a bag with full instructions. This original approach has now seen a large range of scenic modelling materials being produced by TREEMENDUS and also includes Scenic Kits, Scatters, Earth powders and Scenic Glue etc.

TREEMENDUS is growing from strength to strength. New products are being introduced at affordable prices and he hopes he can continue to supply modellers all over the world with the materials they need to produce wonderfully realistic models.

Hopefully this will be the first of many SBS's as we all would like to see the whole range of TREEMENDUS products and show us some of their uses and the effects that can be achieved using them.


1:12 Hen House

I was recently asked by a UK based magazine to build a small dio in 1:12 scale to display some hens and a henhouse on.................................................

In years gone by scenes like this were once commonplace across rural Britain, before supermarkets made the “chore” of collecting the daily egg a little easier. With a little searching we can still today find the kind of scene we see here the length and breadth of the UK.

There are three main components to this little 1:12 scale diorama. Firstly we have the wonderful hen house, secondly, the delightful chickens and thirdly a scenic diorama to display them on. The overall dimensions of the finished diorama will be approximately 12” x 9”. I have been creating scenic models for quite a few years now but must admit this is my first attempt at anything as large as 1:12 scale modelling (have those chickens been genetically modified?).


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Groundwork Class with Anthony Reeves

Here at Modelers' Alliance website, We have a unique situation where we have several masters of the scale modeling world participating in discussions and sharing tips and techniques of the craft. One of those Masters is Anthony Reeves, we all know him as Ant, aka Treemendus.

If you have not seen Ant's work take a moment to check out this Masters Classes and previous forum postings and you'll agree with us that Ant is a Master of his craft.


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How to build a tree!

Since joining this forum I have been astounded at the quality of, not only the models on show but also the people who are members of this site!.

Some modellers seem to shy away from making trees and scenic dioramas for their models for different reasons. What follows is a SBS using a TREEMENDUS Tree Kit.

Take one TREEMENDUS Tree Kit. It includes all the materials required to make yourself a top quality scale model tree.


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