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Yasuyuki Watanabe

Yasuyuki Watanabe

some say he is a ghost, some say he is a wizard, some say he comes from outer space but in reality Yasuyuki Watanabe comes from Amagasaki City in Hyogo prefecture, Japan!

48 year old Yasuyuki Watanabe married and having two adult children - a daughter and a son - started modelling when he was at the age of 30 and specialized on WW1 and WW2 armor. With this hobby increasingly fascinating him it became his main hobby and since about 5 years Watanabe-San focuses on brass and copper scratchbuilding his vehicles!

watanabeWatanabe-San has his own blogpage that can be visited here:

On his page you find some older works of him where he actually used plastic kits and enhanced them in his unique style. Also you find his fascinating Panzerwerfer42 completely build from scratch in brass and copper Check out his page - you won't regret it!

Soldering method-3 “Slight applied technique”

1. Assembling plural parts

When you assemble plural parts sequentially, you will face trouble very easy - the part which you assembled earlier comes off because of the heat.

If you are used to soldering, you will be able to assemble a part with shortest heating time and do most things without trouble.

But until you will be used to it you better take this measure.

To avoid overheating aluminum clips are sold but you do not need to spend extra money.

Just cut a thin stripe of tissue, dip it into the water and cover the part to intercept heat with it.


With this method you only have to be careful with the size of the tissue and the position to cover.

If you cover too close to the new to solder place the temperature of the place does not rise enough and it will be hard to assemble that part.

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Soldering method-2 “Basic technique”

1.Preparations for work
In the electronic work the adhesion quality of the solder is controlled by pushing the solder to the heated base.

But in modeling you better chop a little solder from the wire for the iron tip to control the quantity of solder.

Therefore as first step you should chop the solder finely.

To solder parts well, you should keep the iron tip shiny.
If the iron tip is rusty you file away the rust with a paper file, apply flux and cover it with solder.

While you work rub the tip against the wet sponge to remove oxidized solder.

2.Basic soldering-1

At first, you apply the flux to the part to solder with a worn-out brush or toothpic.

Next, you catch a little solder with the tip of the hot soldering iron.

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Soldering method-1 “Tools”

Soldering is basic technique of the metal working.

Presumably many people studied soldering in the electronic work lessons at school and I think this experience causes trouble with soldering in small scale.

In the class of the electronic work you learn “you must not heat a part for a long time” but in modeling it is the most important to heat a part enough.

Well, I will clarify the mechanism of soldering before detailed exposition.

Soldering mechanism is to compose 3-6 micron alloy between metal and solder by heating metal and to stick metal and solder by this alloy.

The melting point of the solder is about 185? (365°F). So if you heat the part about 250? (482°F) you can solder the metal well.

1.Selecting the soldering iron

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