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Joe Hudson

I met Joe Hudson at a Mastercon way back when! Sorry Joe, I can't remember which one. Chalk it up to senility! Joe was an ex-policeman as I was and that meant we had several things in common. Joe, from the beginning, had an obsession with models. At the time, he was an armor guy. Later, he began experimenting with figures. He had a great mentor, Bill Chillstrom, who, in my opinion, is one of the very best sculptors in the business. After a time, he asked to sculpt for Warriors, Custom Dioramics or the new company just launched, The Streets of Laredo. As I remember, the first professional piece he did was an old west miner figure that was great! Thus began his professional career. Since then, his skills have continued to improve year after year. His current work needs no Kudos from me, it speaks for itself! BTW, Joe sculpted a figure for Susan's birthday, Elvis Presley. It is in a place of honor in Susan's office! Here is Joe, Susan and I am honored to call him a friend! Joe, show them how!!!!

Bob Letterman

Painting Faces Step by Step

Here is a really, really quick step by step on painting flesh.  I did not take a picture of the paint bottles but if you would like me to I can do that.  I did this when a friend  came over for a visit and we did it kind a of quick but not with so much detail.  You can spend more time and get into a lot more detail.
Paints:  All of these are Vallejo's and I did use a wash of Mars Brown Artist Oil paints
Beige Red
Mahogany Sand or it may say Mahogany Brown
Hull Red
Sunny skin tone
Basic Skin tone
Off white
Burnt Umber

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Painting White


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A simple SBS of sculpting a Rev War drummer


Hey guys and ladies.... Very Happy

Well, I am going to show you a little SBS on how I sculpted a Rev War Drummer. Unfortunately I never painted it and I gave it away to be painted by someone else. This is how I still go about sculpting a person but I think I have just been able to fine tune a few things since this one. Please if you have any questions, just ask. I am by no way an expert but still learning and always open for suggestions. Any ways lets get started.

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Making buttons/replacing buttons

I was not sure what to do so I thought of something really simple to start with. If you ever need to make buttons here is a cheap easy way to do it. I have done it this way for all my figures so far. I think this would help even if you are going to just convert a plastic figure.

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Hey Bob,

Hey Bob,

Thanks for the many kind words and for all the help you and Susan have done for me. I will alays be grateful. I appreciate the break you gave me for producing my first figure. I would also like to thank Bill for all the help and answers to the MANY questions and even to this day one the phone!!

Here are a few pictures of the miner and the "King"



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