Add On parts Village Waterpump

Here is an in box review of a kit from the Belgium company Add On parts.
The subject is a Village waterpump, the original can be found in Saint-Marie-Du-Mont, Normandy.

Scale is 1/35
Dimensions of the pump:
Height: 9,5cm
Base: 6,5x6,5cm
Pump: 2,8x2,8cm

Retail Price Around 10 Euro

The kit comes well packaged in a box and the parts packed in bubblewrap

It contains 4 ceramic pieces for the pump housing and 4 resin pieces, 2 for the pump mechanism on the sides and 2 for the waterpipes, also include is a ceramic glue that must be mixed with water for gluing the ceramic parts.

The quality of the castings are very high and i didn't find any bubbles or defects whatsoever, and the level of detail is also very high.

the resin parts

All the parts together, what needs to be done is sanding the surfaces that are to be glued, but it is a minimal job.

It's a beautiful kit and they also have a set with a house and the waterpump, so you can make a nice scene with some paratroopers posing infront of it
Here is a link to retailers

Thanks to Nico and Matthias at Add On parts for supplying the review sample.