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Show us your WAR FACE! Give us the Armoured Fury! Any Armour and ground warfare equipment are welcomed here!

John "Tanktrax" Marcus Armoured Fury
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Last Post: SA-5 Gammon
by Skinny_Mike
29 Mar 2020 22:21

Park your aircraft at our Tom Wesendorf Memorial Aerodrome and Poolside Lounge. Share your aircraft builds here.
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by Hawkwrench
30 Mar 2020 01:22

Modelers Alliance's own shipyard for anything that floats and roams the seas! Yvan eht nioj!
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by MM2CVS9
26 Mar 2020 20:10

John Bowrey Memorial Figure Forum
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by AndyFettes
19 Dec 2019 18:16

Any civilian model of your like!
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by tiking
29 Mar 2020 12:36

The category for SciFi buffs!
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by tiking
24 Jan 2020 03:46
This section, Earth 2111 is being presented to the site for members that want to build post apocalyptic, what if builds, totally Sci-Fi.

As a participant, we are asking you to choose a place on earth in the year 2111, one hundred years after the destruction of the world as we knew it in 2011.

What makes this different is that we would also like to ask you to not only build your versions of Mad Maxian type vehicles, planes, dios etc, but to add to the story line that has been written up.
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by 135engineer
22 Jul 2016 10:41

Here is where we build and showcase our Dioramas
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by JSteinman
23 Mar 2020 09:14

Pick a reference picture, and build the picture while getting it as close as possible to the photo.
The real thing!(246/1323)
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Last Post: S-Boot bunker
by Duke Maddog
28 May 2019 15:46
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