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Let’s Build Diorama! Urban Scenes



I recently saw a book cover that caught my attention. It was on building Dioramas of Urban scenes. This was foremost on my mind as I had recently decided to throw my hat in the group build ring with not 1 but 2 vignettes. So after looking at the home page of the author László Adóba http://www.harvar-d.hu/ I decided to purchase the book. It’s quite a good price and worth every penny. Oh delivery time was so fast it left my head spinning.



What do you get? Well it’s a small format book, perfect for on the bench as you build. Measuring 16 x 24 cm or 6 x 9 inches chock full of clear high definition pictures outlining each step of the process.

This book is well laid out starting with the basics and then building up in a logical manner to a completed diorama. The author uses everyday materials to complete an extraordinary model. I especially like that he warns about being too ambitious your first try.


Starting at the beginning there is a nice section on materials used, adhesives, paints, etc, finally tools, and where you should be able to get them.  Then we get into the nitty gritty. Chapter two details the actual building starting with walls, interior, flooring, windows and doors. From there you get into chapter 3, the roof and associated accoutrements. Finally you have to put this building somewhere and building the street is next.  Four chapters in total. I believe there are more than 250 pictures to back the Step by Step instructions.


Everything is home built and looks so easy. The pictures are crisp and topical. They show and amplify what László has written. While I am no expert on dioramas I whole heartedly endorse this book, and no matter what your skill level recommend you get a copy and give the techniques a try.  I can’t wait for November when volume 2 will be released. It will detail building terrain and vegetation. I’m looking forward to reading that one.