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Stackpole Rommels Afrika Korps


Stackpole: Rommel’s Afrika Korps

El Agheila to El Alamein

George Bradford


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Stackpole Viking Panzers The German 5th SS Tank Regiment




The German 5th SS Tank Regiment in

the East in World War II

Ewald Klapdor

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German Army Grenadiers 1944-45 Landser Books



                                                                                        German Army Grenadier 1944-45 

                                                                                   Landser Books ( ISBN 978-0-9567900-0-2)


Landser Books was started late 2010 by Artist Stephan Andrew with the promise of a lavishly Illustrated high quality reference publication. This is Landser Books first publication & this release sets the bench mark for the rest of the series. This series will not only find a place in the reference libraries of scale modelers, but War gamers & military historians alike. It is also noted by the publisher that renowned military history authors will join the future publications.

Stephan Andrew, prior to establishing Landser Books, was a published artist with his art work appearing in military history books such as Osprey, Concord & Helion. He specializes in Wehrmacht and Axis troops of WW II with over 30 titles to his credit.

As We take a look through the book the Color plates are the size of the publication & there are two examples per plate. Larger formatted plates give you a great look at the uniforms, arms & personal kit of each Landser. There are 15 full color plates hand painted by the artist. These plates are in a bold rich color with character addd to each soldier. Different ranks are represented from Platoon Leader, to Private. This publication focuses on, as the title notes, Uniforms that the Germany Army Grenadiers wore in the later part of World War II. Thoroughly researched and accurately represented by the Artist/Author. All types of uniforms are covered from the standard issue, camouflaged both winter & summer patterns.

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Universal Carriers Volume 2


I have been looking for info on the Universal Carrier Mk II so I can build some of my Tamiya kits and stumbled upon this series. As I was especially keen on finding info, drawings etc for the Wasp II when I saw this book and its subjects I immediately bought it. Let me say WOW what a book.


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Modelers Alliance Goes to Omaha


I set out for Omaha last Monday and after a short stint at the inlaws we arrived on Wednsday.  Thursday morning with registration completed the fun began.  The kids hit the make and take tables and I headed for the model room.  By the end of the day Friday nearly 2500 models had been placed and the competition was stiff.  I met up with Joe(Leopard2) and we had a short talk and on Saturday we talked to  Bob and Susan Letterman, but didn't get a picture.  I spent two days doing recon of the vendor rooms, which there were three, packed to the walls.  Waited until Saturday to do my buying and I am proud to say I didn't pay full price for anything.  It was lets make a deal time.  I will post pictures of my treasure in the near future.  I took a lot of pictures, but not of everything just too many models.  I will be posting my pictures in their proper forum soon.  Saturday evening we attended the awards dinner where many awards were given out one being to the Region 5 director my good friend Kelly Quirk.


We took the kids for their first formal dinner and had a great time.


But the best part was that my kids took top honors with their models.  My daughter Victoria took a first place for her Airbus model.


My son Curtis got a first place for his Star Trek Enterprise-E.


I managed a third place with my sherman walker.  The main thing is that we all had a great time and we are all looking forward to the next time we can attend the nationals.

Terry (MrT)

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