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He-219 book review


The latest release from Valiant Wings Publishing is titled "The Heinkel He 219 'Uhu' A Detailed Guide To The Luftwaffe's Ultimate Nightfighter" by Richard A Franks. It is a well-timed release in light of the forth-coming models from Revell and Zoukei-Mura. This is the first edition in their new airframe series.


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MMP Fi 156 Storch book review

MMP Fi 156 Storch Reviewed by Old Dog


One of the latest releases from Mushroom Model Publications is another edition in the Yellow Series, this one covering the Fieseler Fi 156 Storch. If you are not familiar with the books in this series, they are aimed primarily at modelers and contain a wealth of information useful for building a model of the subject covered.


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Laughter and tears

Laughter and Tears by Captain George Rarey


Vision international:  ISBN 1-56550-057-1
192 pages

This is not so much a book review but a chance to bring to your attention a diary kept by a American fighter pilot based in the UK during WWII. It’s a brilliant series of well over 100 sketches of everyday life, training and missions and tells the story of one man’s war that I should imagine reflects thousands of men’s war.

Starting with his call up draft to Greenwich village in January 1942, the book in its early stages benefits greatly from the letters and memories of Betty Lou , Georges then girlfriend, soon to become his wife. They add a different perspective and lift the book out of the usual one dimension format diaries tend to take. George is subjected to a seemingly endless selection process of physical and aptitude tests , all of which come across with a brilliant sense of humour “ I can’t even drive a car so they are making me a P47 pursuit pilot. My new best friend gets lost in Greenwich village so they are making him a navigator” sets the tone for what’s to come.

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TauchPzKpfwIV Ausf D & E

  TauchPzKpfwIV Ausf  D & E 

        A pictorial study of German submersible tanks,Their units, and markings 



1With the kit releases of this variant of PZIV from Dragon & Tristar, good referance has been hard to come by, other then the general overview .... Armor modelers need pictures and this recently released book from 8wheels-good gets the Armor modeler there!

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MJ's Figure Art Vol 1

MJ's Figure Art Vol1
German Infantryman Mid 14C

I recently found out about a new figure painting book coming out and after hearing how good it was decided to buy one. I am more than pleased with it and highly recommend it  to anyone wanting to learn how to paint figures or even improve their skills.


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