Ultracast Werner Mölders Figures in 32nd and 48th Scales

54mm Werner Mölders figure in package

Ultracast has a very nice selection of figures in both 1/32nd scale (54mm) and 1/48th.  Several of the figures include real life personalities such as these releases of Werner Mölders sculpted by Tom Meier


As is usual for Ultracast, the reproduction is perfect.  The figures arrive in a Ziploc bag with a heavy paper header stapled to it.  Within the bag is the resin figure and stiff paper backing with a color image of the painted figure.

The contents again

Completed Figure

As can be seen, a very nice pose results after simply cleaning up the figure and adding the head.  In the larger scale, this figure captures the look of Werner quite well.  The Ziploc bag in which the figure arrives has a color image which doubles as a painting guide.

Other views

Last image

The following photographs are of the 1/48th scale figure.  It is in an identical pose but appears stockier.  This is a one piece casting.

Packages 48th scale figure.

Additional views.

Last image.

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